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I’ll pass

No show for me tonite. On top of my limited energy and now no friend to go with, I checked and there is 3 opening bands and the show starts at 9pm! That is pushing it on a work nite when I am healthy, no way I am gonna survive that as I am now! So I will just have to add this show to the list of things I got cheated out on from the back problem this year. I am going to hit little Reckless after work provided I can find a real close parking spot so I don’t have to walk. Once I am in the store, I can lean on the racks while looking to help ease the pain. I may end up driving in circles and going home if I can’t find a close spot. I want to get the new issue of Rocktober cuz it has an article on the Stepe brothers and Negative Element, an old punk band that a friend of mine used to play in named Keith Lyons. Speaking of him, I got email from him today and it was the first time I have heard from him in 15 years! I haven’t seen him since we went to high school together and I have actually been trying to find him for a long time just because I wanted to see how he was doing. Barry Stepe pointed out my website to him and he dropped me a line. That was a nice surprise! Also today this dude from Alternative Tentacles dug up a Drunk Injuns test pressing for me! I emailed him a couple times and told him I’d buy one if he could dig one up and that it would really make my day. After a few weeks and a couple emails, he came through! Hell, had the shit with Thor not happened earlier this would be a damn fine day. BTW, he still hasn’t unblocked me.


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