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Italian Beef!

Well, I finally got my Italian Beef sandwich, x2! Pod came by for lunch and picked up a beef sandwich for me. Then a couple hours later, my mom’s boyfriend stopped by and brought me an italian bef sandwich! I put that one away in the fridge and will heat it up for dinner. It sure beat all the frozen foods I’ve been eating. As much as I love french bread pizzas, even I need some variety in my eating sometimes.

Last nite I could not fall asleep for the life of me. I think I finally did after 4 am. A little after 9am the phone woke me up and it was a fucking telemarketer. Asshole! Thanks for waking me up. I managed to go back to sleep for about another hour but that ruined the whole day as far as any kind of energy. I felt like crap and half out of it so I have just been laying here all day resting. I didn’t accomplish anything on my list of goals for the day. At least last nite I have the faction interview all done and just have to rescan one image, and wait for a record to arrive to scan the cover of to complete the discography section of the interview.

Tonite’s TV is Birds of Prey and then i’ll throw in a DVD out of the pile and hopefully get to sleep at a more reasonable hour.

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