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Last nite, Kristine came by and brought me dinner and kept me company to help keep my sanity since I’m trapped in the house while recovering. It was nice to have company since I’m starting to get cabin fever big time. She brought me Brown’s Chicken, just like the old days (except she doesn’t work there now of course). After she left, I just played some Tony Hawk 4 until my eyes could take no more.

Thor came over to hang out today bearing Italian Beef sandwiches. We played Hawk 4 most of the day and then watched the Monsters Inc. DVD. Man the animation in that movie is stunning and the sound was pretty amazing as well. A worthy item for the home theatre. It was fun hanging out all day. Now I’m just flipping channels trying to find something to watch as I’m all gamed out for the day, my thumbs need a rest. I’ll likely be up for another couple hours so I’ll be good and bored before I go to sleep. I did manage to sort of pick up some stuff today in anticipation of the cleaning lady coming tomorrow. I hope she doesn’t show up early again as I’ll be sleeping until about 11 like usual. I hope I hear the door if she does come early, I guess I better not sleep with the fan on.


  • Have you played Aggressive Inline? A lot of the changes they’ve made for Tony 4 were in that game first, like taking away the time limit and having the challenges you start by talking to people. Anyway, I enjoyed the hell out of it, just passing the word.

  • I haven’t played it. In fact, this was the first time I turned on my ps2 in quite a few months when I just got this game. Aside from checking out VF4 and Tekken 4 at work, I haven’t been playing much of anything. I haven’t even played pinball since league ended! I can’t wait to play again, it will be soon!


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