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Happy Halloween

Is it? I dunno, I guess it didnt’ really suck. I pretty much just did the usual laying around. I bought 4 bags of candy yesterday for the kids. I went through 2 of them so far and am into the third. I had a decent about of kids come for the candy. Last year, I got home so late and picked up candy on the way home that I think I had 2 people come to the door. I think the official trick or treat hours end in 20 mins so I doubt there will be many more knocks on the door. I’ll still have a lot of leftoevers for myself and my friends when they visit.

In honor of the halloween, I will watch Return of the Living Dead afer Smackdown and Tough Enough is over. I wish I could go out somewhere. Of course, were I not laid-up recovering, I really wouldn’t have anywhere to go anyway most likely.



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