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I was flipping channels on the TV and stopped on this cable access show called “music choice” cuz TSOL was playing on it, then the Adolescents! Then interview with X, and then The Damned! What kind of alternate realilty have I been sucked into where this is on my TV? Anyway, now Unwritten Law are on, and the singer has his pants like halfway down his ass and his boxers pulled up high. Pull up your fucking pants jackass, that does NOT look remotely cool. Whoever came up with that fashion statement, along with the ass merchant who invented those pants that are so big, they cover ones entire foot with a shoe on, and drag on the groud, should be stabbed in the throat. Those are among the most assinine fashion “statements” ever created.


  • Heh, one time I saw a couple guys with that “look” have to push a stalled out car through a busy intersection. Idiots could only push with one hand at a time because they had to keep hitching their waistbands.
    I laughed the rest of the way home.


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