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There isnt’ anything to watch on TV and I don’t even have the moivation to watch a DVD from the pile of stuff I need to watch. Today TMG went and got my prescriptions for me, that sure was nice of her to do that again. I called her yesterday and asked if she would and she said she could today. Before I had a chance to call her, my phone was ringing and she was calling from her car and wanted to know if she needed to get them while she was in the area.

The friday five this week I’m not doing, it would be boring, 5 answers of “no”. I was going to make up 5 of my own questions, but I probably already answered them in past blog entries.

It is supposed to be nice out tomrorow. Maybe I will go for a walk to work the rust out and get some exercise. I can walk good now, so maybe it would do me some good to get outside. Maybe I can make it down to pantera bread at the end of the street and get some lunch.

Only about 3 hours until I’m able to fall asleep. :-/

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