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The Day of Rest

Man this 4 day weekend sure went by fast. I did so much running around and played so much pinball that I think I need another 4 to recover! Today all I did was lay around and do laundry. While relaxing, I did manage to write a new batch of reviews for the site and posted them. JLS came by and got one of his two pinball machines out of my house. Now I just need him to get the other one next week so I can have my space back. I told him I am taxing him and he and his pal have to move my Dr. Who into the basement as I decided all games must remain down there and not have any upstairs so my house will look normal. Well, as normal as a house overflowing with records can look anyway. I will be able to set up the dr. who in the work room with the other two pins that don’t fit in the gameroom down there (there are 15 in there, and 3 that won’t fit in that room). At one point, I had 4 pins upstairs in the family room because they wouldn’t fit downstairs in either room! I sold off a few to make space and buy other things, but I am down the the 18 that I can’t live without. Too bad I cant’ expand the basement.

The rest of the evening will be spent watching Sopranos and polishing off the Thanksgiving leftovers that my uncle and aunt packed me when I went over there. I dread hearing that alarm tomorrow morning forcing me out of the nice warm bed.


  • i have officially decided that it should be illegal to wake somebody from a warm peaceful slumber. i will kick the next person who does this to me.

  • Hell yes! Well, no one wakes me up, just the alarm clock which I would kick if it didn’t mean having to buy a new one after it became broken from kicking it. When I become president of earth. work hours will be from 11 to 6. That way people can sleep until the double digits and they’ll be happier.


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