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a loss for words

I don’t really have anything to say. I came home and a record came that I oredered. It was SUPPOSED to be the Velvet Underground – While Light White Heat on white vinyl. When there was no sticker on the shrink wrap indicating color vinyl, I was suspicious, and when I opened it, of course the fucking thing was on black vinyl. Now I have to go through the hassle of returning it, those stupid asses.

Work was alright today, for some reason I was a little sore today, more than normal, so when I got home tonite, after burning the sausage I was trying to make for dinner and making spaghetti instead, I just set up camp on the couch and watched TV.

I have to do most of my xmas shopping this weekend, as next weekend, my dad comes in and he, my uncle, aunt and cousins exchange our gifts. I’m sure the stores will be a madhouse. I need to go to best buy, borders, and bed bath adn beyond. 2 out of 3 of them are in the same strip mall, the other one is a few miles away from those. I don’t really have anything else to do on Saturday so what the hell.

God damn it is cold outside right now.


  • LOL – no. I was making those brown adn serve sausages, and i went in the other room to read some email and forgot about them until it was too late and they were burnt to a crisp and smelling up the kitchen.

  • i couldnt make it past the velvet underground… make me think of the ultra cool VELVET UNDERGROUND WITH ANDY WORHAL (i cant spell) poster i have on my bedroom wall. i decided at that point that you rock, and i found your post clever!

  • I highly recommend them. The songs “heroin” and “venus in furs” from the album with the banana on it are classics (it is called the velvet underground and nico). And thank you for the kind words, it brightenend my day 🙂

  • thats exactly the poster i have… i completly forgot nico… and i bet that doesnt happen much…


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