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After about a 2 week hiatus, I fired up Tony Hawk 4 tontie to try and knock off some more goals. I remember why I took the break from it, some of those goals are fucking frustrating! I did manage to complete Cab’s pro challenge, and a couple other goals, but some of those things I have left are going to take me forever. God damn Tony Hawk!

I was flipping channels on the tv just now and Larry Hagman was on Conan. Man is he old now! I can’t beleive Major Nelson/JR Ewing is a gray old man. When you see these people on TV and get used to them how they were, it is quite a shock when you see how they have aged. I mean, it happens to everyone but these people’s images are frozen in time due to reruns and all, so you are used to seeing them how they were.

Speaking of TV, Birds of Prey was a rerun. It’s bad enough they are cancelling it, the least they could do is play all the remaining episodes repeat free.


  • ya know what? i think im addicted to those corny WB shows. now i like DO OVER… and i like Smallville, and i like…..

  • I don’t watch the other shows, but Smallville is my absolute favorite show right now. I’m glad you are watching it too!


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