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Well, this will be my last blog entry for 2002. I would like to say that I’m on my way to a concert where lots of hot women will be and I’d be hanging backstage with my best friend but those plans were killed long ago. Sometimes friendship ranks lower than a woman it seems. Despite said friend’s offer to buy me a ticket to still go that doesn’t really change the fact that A: You can’t buy a backstage pass so what do I do when they leave me with the rest of the crowd, B: what fun would being the odd man out be hanging out with a dude and his woman, and C: we had the plans for over a month. Whatever, the dude will still be my friend still but I am a bit disappointed and get more so as I reflect on it.

2002 sucked, I am not sorry it is ending. My 2002 was full of back pain, missed work, a failed attempt at reconciliation with RMD, and a couple failed attempts at relationships. I can look back at this year and see little good so goodbye 2002 and good riddance, I hope 2003, despite it having an odd number in it, will be a hell of a lot better.

Happy new year everyone, I hope you have a safe and fun evening.


  • *smoooch*
    Sorry your 2002 is going out with a big *fffbbbblttt!* At least the pain and the back stuff are behind you (no pun intended)
    2003 has to rock, it’s the year of the Matrix after all.
    Happy Neo Year, MXV.
    *more smoooches*

  • Thank you Liz and Krix, happy new year to you too. My NYE actually turned out to be a lot of fun. And yes, the new MATRIX movie! I can’t wait!

  • Wow, great, I get to feel like an asshole now. Gracias and happy new year. And you would have had zero fun anyway. It wasn’t your scene. And if you would have said you wanted to go you would have been with us the whole time. The ticket was to just get you in the door and I would have paid the $600 for it cause I did feel bad. The party afterward was no problem to get you in to but we just sat around and didn’t do much. Whatever. Anyway I’m sorry that I suck so damn bad.

  • The more I reflect on this entry that you wrote the more I want to just slap the shit outta you dude. I offered to buy you a 6 fucking hundred dollar ticket to make up for bringing along my girlfriend (which you woul dhave done the EXACT SAME THING in my shoes and don’t fucking deny it) but wanted to make sure you wanted to go before I dropped the cash because times are tight. You said no. YOU said NO. That shit about you not getting backstage with us was your own imagination. I never said if I get you this ticket anything would change about access. And FYI we didn’t even get to go backstage. So get the fuck over it. You had a better time where you were anyway.

  • The issue is not so much the ticket, the issue is put yrself in my shoes. How much fun would it be to hang out with a dude and his girlfriend when you are the odd man out not there with somebody? That shit makes one feel uncomfortable. The disappointment stems not from the concert per se, but the fact that you sold out the initial plans we had once a woman came into the picture, and that is just plain rude. While the mxv of old likely would have done the same thing, modern day mxv tries his damndest to keep his word and plans. Usually a normal ticket does not entitle one to back stage access, so pardon my assumption there, perhaps things were different but it was you who told me there was backstage passes involved with that whole show when you asked me to go a month ago. Whether or not I ended up having a good time that nite has nothing to do with the fact that even though you did offer to purchase a ticket (which was better than a lot of other people would have done), you did in fact sell me out for a woman. This coming from the person who bitches about such acts more than anyone I know, I expected more from you I guess. You are still my friend and everything, but I’m not gonna lie and say I wasn’t let down, and upon further reflection it really bothered me. And my writing about it was not meant to start a fight so this is the last I am going to speak of it.


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