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Someone build me a time machine, fast. I came home, after working all day, to what I thought was the tape of tonite’s Oz, but something happened to my cable and I got CNN. It crapped out so I missed it! All I did since waking up today was be at work, and I was really looking forward to seeing the show when I got home, and I got pimped! Just my damn luck!

I slept in a bit today, then woke up, ate cereal and got ready to go to work. On the way in, I took a detour to the Yorktown Deli to get a sub sandwich to have as lunch. They ordered in food for dinner agian, this time some chicken. I am pretty wiped out, and tomorrow is gonna likely be an all niter. I did take about a half hour break near the end of the night to go make a phone call, which brightened my day, I just wish the cable fiasco didn’t end it on such a sour note.



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