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The Longest Day of the Year

I had to pull and all-nighter at work and I didn’t get home until a little after 7am. That was a 20 hour day! Hopefully it will be the last one for quite a long time. When I was driving home, I was so tired I had trouble judging the distance in front of me and almost hit a car when I was stopping. I got home in one piece and crawled into bed. I barely slept, maybe 3 hours, then woke up and cleaned up and went and met someone for lunch today. When I returned, I got the basement in order and all ready for pinball league on saturday. Now I finally can rest, and will watch Smallville and the repeat of Oz since I missed it the other nite. Man am I exhausted!


  • I, apparently, am quite wicked, as I still haven’t gotten adequate rest! If only I could just sleep for 36 hours straight without once waking up. I would feel like I found the fountain of youth.

  • dont worry about lack of sleep… ive been told that those who sleep more are more likely to die at an early age.

    at this rate ill die when im 30!

  • Working all night? What was the one lesson we learned from Ray Kolenko in our time stocking shelves overnight at Venture back in the day?


    And then the other Ray gave me the Vulcan neck pinch and told me not to “worry about it.”

    Fuck. That hurt.


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