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Oz kicked ass with the exception of that last scene with the spoon. Here I thought they couldn’t disturb me more than they did last week and sure enough they topped it. Bastards! Thor came by and watched it with me and we played some games of pinball and darts too.

During the day, I watched Master of the Flying Guillotene on DVD that I borrowed from The Duke. It is a 25 year old kung fu movie and was actually pretty damn good. No less than 3 people made fun of me for watching it today when I told them what I was watching (2 on the phone, and one on AIM). I didn’t get much sleep last nite so I had little energy and motivation to do much of anything today aside from fixing a ground short on my Scared Stiff pinball. I tried to sit down and write some reviews for the website, but I just couldn’t find any words today, I was too exhausted from not sleeping much the last week. Tomorrow it’s back to the grind. I hope I can get some sleep tonite.

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