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I haven’t really had much to say these last couple of days. Tonite finally marked a new episode of Smallville. It was pretty good, but not as good as the others this season. I am glad that they are showing new episodes the next 7 weeks since the last 5 or so were reruns, and that was irrirating. I was also able to find the episodes of Birds of Prey that I missed, gotta love the internet!

Since xmas and my saving money for putting out the record, the punk vault has not received any new additions in quite a long time. I am starting to go through record withdrawl but I must perservere. I also need to find a free day to post crap on ebay to make some extra coin. I have been wanting to for weeks, but I just haven’t had the time in which to sit down and actually do it. My goal is to do that sometime over this weekend, or no later than next, as at the end of the month, I should have the tapes and artwork in from both bands.

Looks possible that I might make it over to Season Tickets over the weekend to play simpsons as well.

I guess I have nothing else to report, and I should really be sleeping right now, but after talking on the phone for the last 2 hours, I’m wide awake.

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