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Time for a change

It’s time for a new look for this blog, I’ve grown tired of this current one. When I get home tonite I hope to get started on it, so if there is any wackiness going on, you’ll know why.

The game our company did came out today, I got my copy handed to me after lunch. I actually don’t own a xbox, but I’ll proudly display the game somewhere in my house.

Got my haircut last nite and the first thing my hairwoman asked me was why I wasn’t smiling. It was pretty obvious to her that something was bothering me I guess. I explained to her my tale of heartbreak, to which she asked a lot of questions and the explaining it just made me feel shitty. At least I got my much needed haircut. When I got home, there was nothing to watch on TV worthwhile so I made a couple of corrections on my website and called it a night. For some reason I couldn’t sleep and was up easily half the night, when I finally managed to stay asleep, the damn alarm woke me up!

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