The Punk Vault

Not quite done

I’m not quite done with the new look for the blog. I have to add a couple things to the right half above the links, but that required artwork that I was to tired to either make or resize. I had a problem with any browser other than IE not displaying the page properly and was going crazy trying to figure it out. I was clueless and luckily Thor found the problem and fixed it for me, which turned out was a problem with my css. BIG thanks to him for helping me (as usual).

Brooks just sent me some old Happy Toons photos to put up on my website! I’ll get them added to the images section of the Spontaneous site over the weekend.

I need to buy a new cell phone finally. Mine is about one more drop away from death. A co-worker has this really sweet one that I have my eye on and will likely end up buying the same phone if I can find a good deal on it.


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