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Let’s walk he says

Took a late lunch today and went to potbellys. Two co-workers suggest we walk to a different one. It is far, actually as far almost as the one we go to via train. The walk was fine until half way back it starts raining. Hard. Then hail. Luckily I got under cover before it really started coming down, but I’m still quite wet. Yeah, the food was great and it was worth it, but now I’m all wet. After work I’m meeting up with a fellow chicago blogger to play some pinball at club foot. I’ve never been there before. They just got the new Simpsons pinball a few weeks ago. I hope it still works right. I haven’t played pinball since last league and I could use the practice.


  • Ahhhhh, Good ol’ Club FOot. I love that place. They played great music whenever I went there. I have such great memories of that place. *sigh*
    Now I am stuck out here in Philly with no such place. I will be back!

  • OH GOODNESS! rad new look! i was so shocked!

    and also. i went to Potbelly’s on state street on the 20th. was that where you were? anyway, we need to talk man!


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