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X2 was a damn fine movie. DAMN FINE! If only the inconsiderate family who decided to bring their kids who woulnd’t shut up thru the entire movie would have stayed at home instead of sitting near me! Same goes to the shitstain whose cell phone rang TWICE during the movie. No wonder people download movies off the internet or wait for the DVD, it is not worth a 7 dollar matinee (yeah, that is the discount price!) to put up with these inconsiderate assholes. If I had my way, they would be kicked out of the theatre the first time the fucking phone rang. If you can’t be without yr phone being on, stay away from a movie theatre you shitters! Why don’t they put an usher in each theatre that kicks out everyone whose phone rings during the film?! My 7 dollar popcorn and drink certainly can pay for his salary.

I finally got a Gameboy Advance SP today. Yeah, I had a regular GBA and didn’t NEED it, but they are too sweet and I had to have one. Best Buy and Toys R Us never have them in stock, but when Thor and I were going to Johnny’s for some fine lunch, he had the idea to check at Micro Center and it was a score!

Right now he and I are playing Dracula (my 3rd favorite pinball) and the game is raping me. I can’t get a good ball to save my life. I swear gravity in my basement does not subscribe to the laws of regular gravity.


  • x2 was SO good! i enjoyed it to the fullest degree, but in MI, the early show is $5, and the late show is $7.25 im afraid you are getting ripped off…

  • Yeah, people like that SHOULD be kicked out. Maybe I’ll attend movies dressed as an usher from now on, and when someone deserving of my wrath needs ejection, I’LL get the job done.

  • Liz,

    Gas is cheaper in MI too. One of the drawbacks of the Chicago area I guess. There are a couple cheaper theatres (slightly cheaper) but the place we went to was the closest and one of the nicest in the area.

    Bob – that woudl rule, and I’d pay to see that! Damn bastards and their phones. While I use my cell phone everywhere just about, one place I will never use it, nor even have it on is in a movie or a play!

  • Right! Well, it’s all a matter of common courtesy. Unfortunately, it’s not as “common” as one would think.

    Sometimes, you’ve just got to give the motherfuckers what-for!

    Say, I linked to Spontaneous Combustion on Have a look-see at the front page, lower-right-hand corner. Is that okay?


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