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A good day

I slept in today, which was nice in itself, but then the day finally began. I got up, mowed the lawn, bought groceries, fixed lunch, then head down the the city to meet up with youngdave. We went to both Reckless Records and to Potbellys for a 4 course meal, after which we head to the fireside bowl to see SINCE BY MAN, who happen to be the best new hardcore band around. I have mentioned it before but their album on Revelation Records is the best album of this year so far. They played wth The Blood Brothers, who are good in their own right, but not as good as they are all hyped up to be and paled in comparasion to Since By Man. I will be writing a full review of the show with some pictures tomorrow after work and posting in on the Spontaneous site, in the meantime here is a picture…

Overall a really fun show and good to hang with youngdave and his friends Lauren and Danger.


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