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A kid who tells on another kid is a dead kid

I wrote a review and put up some more pictures from the Since By Man show the other nite. It is on the spontaneous site, and you can take the shortcut here. I hope they come play here again soon.

Smallville was pretty good last nite. That Clark is a dumbass though, even as shy as I can be, I would have put the moves on Lana by now.

Some building nearby my work exploded and caught on fire. I’m not sure the details but it is bad, the whole area is covered in smoke. Some of us went up on the roof and could see the building on fire about 8 streets away. The flames were shooting up the top of the building and firetrucks from all around were coming in. I saw some guys on ladders with hoses trying to contain it but it looked like they were having a hard time as the flames seemed to be growing, not shrinking. I’ll have to turn on the TV at lunch time and see what the story is, there was 5 newscopters flying around the scene when I was up on the roof.

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