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Matrix in IMAX was pretty damn cool. If a regular screen in a theatre is 70mm, IMAX must be 7000mm! The sound was better too! I’m done seeng that movie now until it comes to the Tivoli, in which case I have to go just for the popcorn.

Today I rode the bike 10 miles, including riding to the post office to mail records, which were slightly tricky to carry while riding. Note to self – use a backpack next time. After that I mowed the lawn and put coat #3 of stain on the front door. After that I tried to find something to do but no one was around, so I finished up version 1 of the JFA discography for the Spontaneous site, then started working on the AOD interview that will be up very soon. I still plan on adding the lyrics to the JFA discography, and I also need to update the GI discography as I acquired another colored vinyl that I didn’t know about before.

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  • Regular movies are 35mm. iMax is 70mm. Did the cheezy ass CGI fight scene look twice as bad in double the res? I am going to go see it again this week sometime but I still think they screwed the pooch on it. 10 minutes of great story and the rest was crap.


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