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PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.23

Have you even just totally trashed something you were working on because it wasn’t going the way you wanted? What happened? Did you start over again? Was it better?
I think back when I was doing a zine, at least one time I completely started over on an issue. But more often than not, if something I was working on didn’t go my way, I just stopped doing it altogether. Just ask me what happened to the anniversary issue of my zine, the Jawbreaker discography, and the compilation LP I was going to release inside aforementioned anniversary zine.

Have you ever contacted an old friend out of the blue over the internet? How did it go? Have any old friends or lovers ever contacted you? Did it flatter you or freak you out?
I have had very little luck in this department. The one person I want to find again, someone who really meant a lot to me, is AUBREY ARAGON, she lives somewhere in CO but I have no clue where. She just stopped returning emails one day and I never heard from her again and it is going on a few years now. I really miss her and wish I knew why she stoppeed talking to me. (I see a patteren forming here, as my alleged friend Kristin has done the same thing to me this year for reasons unknown and it bothers me almost equally as much.

What is the most important thing that you have ever forgotten? Did it have any negative results? How did it all turn out?
I’m sure it was a birthday of someone I cared about, though I can not remember any specific instance. When I was in high school, a few times I forgot I had to work on certain days, and would be out skating and my sister would have to come and find me after work called my house wondering where I was. I can’t say that really bothred me too much though. I was missing work, but I wasn’t missing it you know what I mean?

Which of the “reality” television programs do you think you would have a chance at winning? Why? Would you ever actually consider signing up for one? Have you?
None of them, because I don’t watch any of them. I limit my viewing of bad tv to things like Friends and Wrestling and that is enough for me.

Do you allow commenting on your blog? Why? Have you ever considered removing/adding that function? What was one of the worst situations you’ve found yourself in due to blog comments?
Yes, I guess to try and make converstaion and friends. I never considered removing it, but I have had to delete stupid posts from friends that weren’t appropriate in the blog.

Have you found any cool shareware/freeware applications/scripts/tools recently?
Nope, back in my mac days, I would look for that stuff all the time, these days I pretty much have everything I need.

Now I am not asking to know what it is, but do you have a “pet sin?” When did it start? Are you trying to give it up, or are you just reconciled to the fact that you will always have it? Would anyone think less of you if they knew about it?
Since I don’t subscribe to any organized religion, many things they consider as sins have no effect on me. While I am not gonna be out kiling people, I am going to have all the pre-marital sex that I’m graced with (and I have to admit, it isn’t as much as I would like), drink whenever I want to, and eat meat every friday (palace burger!) and not think twice about it, while some folks are holding their beads, and feeling guilty for enjoying themselves, all while being duped out of some money and eating a piece of styrofoam.


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