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Damn Girl, That Shit Is Deep Like the Ocean

Went to see CURLUPANDDIE last nite at the fireside. I met up with brooks before the show, and we took the L to potbellys, and then to the show. I figured since we planned on drinking, that the L was our best bet cuz neither of us would be in any shape for driving. I was right. When we arrived, youngdave and christy were waiting for us outside. I got pimped and was not on the guest list as was promised by the publicity person at Revelation, so I was rather pissed off at having to shell out the admission that I didn’t plan on having to pay. It was worth it in the end though. We were in the bar for the first two bands, and they didn’t soudn that thrilling. Since my retirement has just ended, I am even more of a lightweight than I used to be, so I had a superbuzz going by the time CUAD started. They were amazing, though they didn’t play the one song I was hoping that they would, “You’d Be Cuter if I Shot You in the Face”. Still they kicked major ass and I think I may have soiled my pants from their sheer brutality and power! I took some action shots with the camera, here is a couple samples.

That third one was with the fisheye lens setting on, which for some reason doesn’t allow the flash to be used.

After they were done, it was still early so we all retired to the bar and proceeded to get drunk. Youngdave left far too early though, which was a bit of a let down. After a while we went over to liar’s club where the fun continued, but at that point I was done drinking and only downing water as I had enough to know that one more was gonna make me sick. Brooks and I ended up leaving our cars at my work and had to go back and get them today thanks to a ride to the city from one of his friends. As I write this, I am way over-tired but the fun continues tonight at Clown Ranch where they are having a party, then we are going down to Heritage Fest in downtown DG.

The new Curlupanddie EP, We May Be Through with the Past is fucking great! The title of this entry is the second (and best) song on there.

OK, off to the cash station and then the ranch. If yr in the DG area tonite, head over to the fest and find us in the beer garden.


  • I like the third picture w/o flash because it’s more representative of the real lighting there. I dont’ like using a flash because the pictures come out too bright looking, the downside to that is a long exposure time.
    whatever. Point of all of this rambling is: I like the picts, the third one best.

    also, youngdave is finding more reasons to stay in chicago…..good for you and good for me.

  • Sorry to be asking you about this here…but I can’t access my email right now. I haven’t been able to for the past two days. Is Ron performing upgrades?
    I receive “A connection failure has occured.” message.

  • Jah, I didn’t drink for almost 6 years. I ended that retirement from drinking a couple weeks ago and now I drink again.


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