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My lunch plans with an old friend today ended up not happening. If said friend didn’t have such a long history of cancelling on me, I wouldn’t have thought much of it but I was pretty annoyed about it as I was looking forward to it. Call it one more thing I don’t get to do before I leave on my trip.

Tonite: PUNK ROCK BOWLING. Anyone who wants to go, meet us at the Tivoli Bowl at 8:30pm in Downers Grove. I have been wanting to organize punk rock bowling league for ages and now it is going to become a reality this fall. We are going to make special shirts and shoes and everything. We will not be joining an official league, oh no, we are doing one of our own! We’ll meet probably every couple weeks for bowling and beers. Should be a lot of fun.

I am mostly all packed for my trip. It looks like everything will fit in a carry-on bag so I won’t have to bring my full suitcase. Well, should I decide to bring more jeans and my kickass new boots then I might have to, but as of now I won’t.

I can’t wait to go on my trip. I need to get the hell out of here, especially now. I wish I was going to be gone longer than I had planned. I should have changed my flight back when I had the chance. Anyone taking bets on whether the former Queen of the Manor is going to talk to me when I get back? This is bullshit, the punishment does NOT fit the crime!



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