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  • Was Michael Lockwood (Crash Holly) on drugs when he died. I read that he was 34 years old when he died. But, according to, he was 32 years old.It seems like he died in a similar death like actor John Belushi, throwing up on his own vomit. Anyways, my thoughts and prayres go out to the Lockwood family and friends, too many stars in wrestling are dying and young too. I hate to find out whose next. Is there a new promotion happening in heaven?

  • The actual cause of death I guess has not come back yet, but it is suspected that it had to do with hard partying and choking on his own vomit. Just like John Belushi, and also Bon Scott of AC/DC. Crash Holly was a very entertaining wrestler, and he was a taletned guy in that ring. I enjoyed watching him, and I am going to miss seeing him on my TV. If there is a heaven, I hope that Michael Lockwood is up there defending his hardcore belt against the other wrestlers that were taken from us too soon.

  • it is a sad time, there was a thing on tele about dead wrestlers, people like classie freddie blassie, Brittish Bulldog and Owen Heart were on it along with some others, sad stories, all of them

  • Why Didnt they tell on wrestling how he died Im a big lesi So if any hot divas die update me Because there so hott in the pink bikinas Did any one else see miss Jackeys boobs last week

  • why did he have to die, I always loved crash, But I didn’t know he was involed in drugs, When I found out he died I started to cry, NO wonder I never saw him in wrestling

  • I wonder how his cousin is taking this because he loved him and he was always talking about how fun he was signed becca

  • CRASH HOLLY DIED! he was 1 of my fav wrestlers and now he is gone.He was knwon as a hardcore legend i hope every1 prays for him and his friends and family is ok.but y did he have to do drugs and puke on his own vomit lolz. R.I.P. CRASH HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think its a shame that crash has passed on and i also think that they could of bein a little more respectful and mantioned it on the wrestling shows to imform all of the fans

  • listening 2 my immortal reminded me of crash holly. i dnt kno e woz involved in drugs – did ne1 hear bout it before on raw or smackdown you saw crashs face there. he will be in heaven defending his 24/7 hardcore title no doubt

    peace totty

  • I never new crash holly died until i saw it on the raw 10th aniversery and i was kind of pist ,i mean raw or smackdown should have announced that the greatest hardcore champion died.

  • i had no idea crash holly died. he was a great hardcore champion its such a shame. RIP CRASH HOLLY.

  • i think he was a gr8 wrestler, a legend. has he been inducted into the hall of fame? if not, i think he should be. rip crash

  • Like it or not,pro wrestling is a satanic industry.I can say this because I was involved in it for several years.Ever since I was 15 years old and I heard about David Von Erichs death,I’ve wondered whyso many wrestlers are dying so young.The sad truth is because they destroy their bodies,and they end up on drugs to escape the pain.So when I read all these little bastards comments about how they are disappointed when they hear about a wrestler dying from a drug overdose.Were they disappointed when thy watched that wrestler,perform some spot or some crazy stunt in the ring?I think not.Wrestling is evil,and it will continue to destroy young men’s lives so long as the marks continue to buy tickets or buy pay per views.

  • mikey was 32
    he died november 6,2003
    he was my brother in law
    he didnt die from partying hard…
    shits too complicated you’d have
    to know the whole story.

    people need to stop acting like they know
    what happen’d!!!!!!

    i fucking hate you guys.


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