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Why aren’t weekends longer?

Friday nite assklowns came over with gear to set up and record the first “Live From Combustion Manor” internet radio show. It was a ton of fun. We had mic’s set up, a line out of the stereo and we did a real radio show which will be part of and will be linked from the Spontaneous Site when it is edited and goes live at the end of this coming week. It will replace the streaming shoutcast radio on my site that exists now. I’ll post a couple pix of the session when the show goes live. We were up downing serums and recording until 5am!

Last nite #1 and I went down to The Bottom Lounge to see Pelican and Sweet Cobra. It was very crowded, there were more than twice as many people there than at the last Pelican show just two months ago. There were two other bands as well. One of them I liked but can’t remember the name of, the other one, called Defender, damn near put me to sleep. Sweet Cobra kicked ass despite their set coming to a halt due to equipment failure, and I was happy to hear they have a record coming out soon! #1 and I later ended up talking to Remus, their singer and he was a really nice guy. Pelican were brilliant as always, I picked up their brand new full-length at the show as well and that will be my soundtrack for work tomorrow. #1 and I plastered our path through the city with flyers for their upcoming show on the 21st (see left sidebar for the info, and get yr ass to that show!).

Today I woke up to a monster headache (not caused by drinking) and spent the day on the couch relaxing, napping, and watching DVDs. Today’s selections were some episodes of Battlestar Galatica, and the Scarface special edition.

I snapped some pictures at the show. I didn’t have a lot of room with so many people there. I still need to figure out the magic to getting better photos, this is getting frustrating.

Sweet Cobra

Sweet Cobra



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