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Someone deserves a beating!

Reason #432 why ebay sucks: Their feedback system is flawed. Let me tell you a tale dear readers.

At the beginning of last month, I sold this on ebay. Now if you read the auction terms. I clearly state that I do not take checks, and what forms of payment I do accept. So this bidder, gucci-, wins the auction. The 10 days pass, I get no payment. I email a reminder and he responds saying payment was on its way. 20 days after the close of the auction (10 past the auction terms mind you), I receive an envelope in the mail. I open it up and what do I find? A CHECK! I don’t take a check, I can’t take a check, I won’t take a check! I email gucci- and tell him he sent an unacceptable form of payment and that I need to be sent cash/money order as per the auction terms. He hops on AIM and msgs me to discuss it. He tried to get me to accept the check anyway, which I would not. Then he told me to send it back (at my expense) and then he would send the proper payment. I told him I would send it back with his boards when he pays for them with an acceptable form of payment, and to ask me to send back a check at my expense, and have to wait 2 weeks for payment was absurd, and he already breached the terms of the auction as it was. After some back and forth discussions to which I was not about to cave in to his assinine requests, he told me he’d email me the next day about it.

The email never came. A few days pass and I email him and ask if he was sending the proper payment, or should I just go ahead and leave negative feedback and give up on the deal. I got no response. I wait a couple more days and email again and say if payment is not received by the end of that week, I’ll have no choice but to leave the appropriate feedback. No response again. So I leave him the much-deserved feedback. So what does this asshole do? He retaliates by leaving me negative feedback, which is a total lie and unjustified! Go see for yourself! This asshole claims I stole his money when his check is as useless to me as if he sent nothing at all. I would never attempt to cash it, I don’t take checks because if they bounce, my bank fucks me out of 20 dollars! It happened once and I have never taken a check since from anyone that is not related to me or whose name isn’t either that of my employer, or that of the I.R.S. He also says I was mean in the IM and email, when I was not, and I have the chat logs/emails to prove it.

I emailed ebay, after spending 15 minutes searching their shitty site trying to find out how to contact them, and told them my story but I’m sure it will go unanswered. Now this shit has falsely tainted my good name. I also sent him an email letting him know just what an asshole he is for what he did, which I am also sure will go unanswered.

If anyone wants to email him and let him know what a shitheap he is, drop me a line. His “business” is called Gemini Electronics, I highly suggest NOT doing any business with this fuck, as he obviously can’t read, let alone follow instructions or even tell the truth.

So gucci-, you can go to hell you fucking liar. I hope someday you’ll get yours.


  • I received negative feedback on eBay once from someone who advertised that they accepted Paypal, which is the only way I pay for auctions, and then after I won the auction and immediately paid by Paypal, he said he wanted a money order instead. I said no to the money order, and he left me negative feedback. I contacted eBay by email and it took about a day for them to investigate it and remove the negative from my record.

    Hopefully, they’ll take care of you too.

  • I sent an email to ebay telling them the story of what happened in hopes that they will remove the feedback, but I hold little faith that they will.

  • In the past I have seen people who will leave a URL in the Response to a feedback, and at the URL they will state their whole case with the documentation and logs. Its good because the guy says “he stole my money” and you have this URL with like 20 pages of facts on it. You still have a neg but at least people who see it can tell its full of shit.


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