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I really enjoyed Matrix 3 a lot more the second time, and seeing it in IMAX was fucking sweet. I guess I am not hyper-critical like most people seem to be over these Matrix movies, i just sat back and enjoyed them and didn’t over-analyze them.

Driving home was a chore, there was so much fog outside that I could barely see 10 feet in front of the car! It was cool and spooky looking, but kind of scary to drive in. When I got home, I had to quickly record 3 songs for the “Live from Combustion Manor” radio show that Stiff Mittens said were somehow mising from our discs. I dropped them off at the ranch so he could finish it. The show should be up and running tomororw, which gives me tonite to write a new page for the Spontaneous Combustion site and have it redirect to the new show. I also have to finish my new navagation bar that I was working on the other nite and get that up there. The old one is outdated now as I no longer have the message board on the site. No one was using it, so when Thor moved my stuff, he didn’t bother to set it back up again, and rightfully so. I was going to scrap it anyway.

The new Pelican album is brilliant. It is all I have been listening to at work this week since I picked it up at their show over the weekend. I give it 2 thumbs up, and my highest recommendation. They are all instrumental, really heavy guitars, but not slow and plodding and they have a good groove going that really hooks you in. It makes great music to work to, and drive to even though I hate driving!

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  • i felt hyper critical of the last two matrix movies mostly because i felt that they were incorrectly touted as philosophical genius. Which they WERE NOT.
    As far as them being fuck shit up action movies they were fine tho.


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