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Weekend report

Friday after work, the assklowns came and picked me up and we spent 8 hours putting up posters and flyers for their show that is this Friday nite. We left no board up untouched and really got a lot done. I think we finally got back home at around 3am.

Saturday during the day, #1 and I went to put up some more posters and I stopped by a friends house to buy some records that he was selling. While we were down there, we noticed they pulled down and/or postered over our posters in the belmont st area, which is prime viewing on a weekend. Completely angered by this, #1 decided we are going to use better glue, the invincible stuff, and go back and re-poster those board ups, however, our posters will form the shape of the letters F U. So we gathered up the supplies, drove back to the city and got to work. The end result was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing at our handy work, though the glue fumes may have added to the reason why I was laughing so hard, I don’t know. What I do know is those posters are not coming down so they’ll have to poster over them to get rid of them! We got back early and I went home and relaxed, calling it an early nite.

Yesterday aside from going to grab some lunch, I didn’t leave the house. I had people over to watch the wrestling ppv, which was a very entertaining one. I was glad that they didn’t give the belt back to HHH already, as that would have really sucked. There wasn’t a bad match on the card. A good amount of people showed up and it was a fun time.

Everyone in the Chicagoland area should come to this show on Friday nite. I promise it will be a fun show, and the assklowns band (Destroy Everything) is playing, something they rarely do around here!

Come on out this Friday and we’ll down some serums together!


  • I was a dumbass and forgot the camera that nite! I was kicking myself for forgetting it too. #1 was supposed to try and take pix if they were still up today, but I don’t know if he remembered, or even went to the city at all.


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