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NWA-TNA revisited

I watched some of the NWA-TNA show last nite. They have been around for maybe 2 years now, perhaps less, I can’t recall. After all the time that has passed, I still have the same issues with it that I had at the beginning. My suggestions are as follows:

1. Get rid of that shill Don West. Send his ass packing back to shilling sports cards late at nite on UHF television channels. The guy knows nothing about wrestling, what kind of color commentator is that – one who doesn’t know the subject. He actually makes the show feel like a cheap infomercial. GET RID OF HIM NOW! Not to mention his voice is simply irritating.

2. Don’t let Vince Russo be on-air “talent”. The guy is not a wrestler, and he talks with a lisp! Maybe he had/has some writing talent but as an on-air performer he sucks. Didn’t the fall of WCW teach these people anything?! The guy is a hack and the current shit he’s producing over there is the same stale crap he was putting on TV during the waning year of WCW. I can only wonder how long it is before he puts the title on some jackass football player or B-level movie star.

3. While Jeff Jarett may be a talented ring worker, there is something about him that people just don’t give a shit about it. I can’t explain what it is exactly, but some guys have “it” and some don’t and Jeff doesn’t. I just don’t buy into him as a credible world champion no matter what he does. And Jeff, ditch the guitar gimmick, you stole it from the Honky Tonk Man, and he did it better.

4. Mike Tenay is a pretty good announcer, but please pair him up with someone on the same level as him. So let me repeat myself. GET RID OF DON WEST.

5. You’ll never be a viable alternative or competition to the WWE unless you get a weekly TV show that people don’t have to pay for. I don’t see many people willing to shell out 10 bucks per week on a regular basis to hear some cut rate infomercial shill making yr product sound cheap.

6. Please fire “the road dogg”. That guy just flat-out sucks.

7. Whatever you may be offering Lex Luger is too much. That guy will not entice a single person to ever purchase one of your pay-per-views. In fact, I’ll go so far to say that he is a deterrent against watching yr show.

NWA-TNA has as good amount of talented wrestlers in there, including some guys that used to be in WWE/WWF. I like the fact that Raven is working regularly there as I’ve always been a fan. AJ Styles is also really fun to watch as is most of that X division. With some fine tuning of their product, they would be an enjoyable #2 wrestling show to watch, and I think the WWE could use some good competition, but the path that NWA-TNA is on now, makes me think that they’ll never get there unless they make some changes.


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