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I damn near forgot

One more match I forgot to write about, I guess cuz the outcome was such a disappointment.

Rock/Mick Foley vs. Evolution in a 3 on 2 handicap match: OK, first of all, on Raw they said Superfly Snuka was going to be in the corner of the “Rock and Sock Connection”. He wasn’t there. They showed him backstage talking to Don Muraco (who he had a great feud with back in the day), so I wonder if they just forgot about him coming out or what?! The Rock was very entertaining, at one point mocking Ric Flair during the people’s elbow which had me laughing out loud. The match was a back and forth brawl and it was great to see Mick Foley in the ring again, but having him job to Orton sucked, and really let down the fans in attendance too, it was met with total “what the fuck?!” silence! I understand why they did it, as they are pushing Orton to the moon (despite his rather lacking mic work), but I don’t think having Rock/Foley go over would have hurt their Orton plans. Hell, they could have had one of them pin Flair and then Orton could have gone on to brag how HE was not beaten in the match, and he is the best in the business or whatever.


  • Man that’s the pisser about all the Foley matches. He’s ALWAYS JOBBING! Why didn’t he win his farewell match? Just not right. I’m still pissed about that one. Foley is GOD!

  • I understand their reason for having Foley job to Orton – they want to give him the rub as they are pushing Orton and for some reason see him as the next big thing. I think they could have given him the rub and let the fans walk away happy by telling that story in a different way but oh well. Foley apparently will work occasionally so it won’t be the last we see of him. As for Orton, I think he still needs some work before he’s gonna be taken seriously as a main even type star. He’s gotten better, but still has some work to do before he is there.


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