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There’s some fine customer service

While perusing ebay recently, I noticed the typical sleazy record pimps were selling the new Descendents and Subhumans records on color vinyl. Now I bought the Descendents 7″ at the store and it was on black vinyl. Not ever one to buy stuff from these scumbags, I emailed Fat Wreckords to ask if I order direct from them, will I get the color vinyl. I got no response. A few days later, I emailed again. Nothing. I tried a third and final time and now two days later – nothing. How fucking hard is it to write back a one word answer? I am TRYING TO BUY THEIR PRODUCTS and they can’t give me a response?!

So Dear Fat Wreckords. Fuck you. You are assholes and lazy for not responding to me. I wanted to buy something of yours and you coulnd’t give me the time of day! Now, regardless of how much I may like a band you release a record by, I’m not going to buy those records from you, or anyone else selling them. You’d think with everyone crying about people downloading music and not buying records that when someone emails you with a question regarding something they want to buy, that they would get a response! So to the Descendents and the Subhumans, I’m sorry yr new records won’t be in The Punk Vault, but yr label is being run by some shitheads that can’t be bothered to hit the REPLY button on their email and type a few words. Fucking assholes!

PS: Fuck you Fat Wreckords, in case my msg wasn’t clear. Nice customer service you have there.


  • hey dickhead, If you preorder you get colored vinyl. Like my nice new Descendents 7″ on red. If you are a pimple faced complaining blog pussy; you wait till it comes out and miss the colored vinyl. It’s that easy.

  • Now how am I supposed to know that since the information is NOT anywhere on their website, and THEY DON’T ANSWER THEIR EMAILS?! And I’d say it was a safe bet that when I first saw the Descendents in 1986, you were still swimming around in yr father’s balls. I hardly think I’m a “pimple faced blog pussy”. Someday, if you ever get the chance to touch a real woman and leave yr house instead of whacking off to internet porn, you might be able to relate to the rest of us about things like shitty customer service from a supposed “independent” record label.

  • to the guy talking shit about fat mike and fat wreckords.why dont you try running a fucking lable better yet why dont you try running a 12 inch dildo up your ass.if colorerd vinyl so much more important than the music buy a can of spray paint bitch.p.s.(pussy syndrom) fat mike if ur reading this how do i get on your lable?if i send my music by mail will you listen to it?heres my email (if any one tries to send me a virus i’ll take that 12 inch dildo out of his ass and shove it down your mothers throat until you choke.peace

  • Ron Chaldez – Listen genius, if you run a label, or any kind of business, it is just COMMON COURTESY, not to mention it makes good business sense, that is someone is contacting you in regards to wanting to buy your products, that you answer their questions. What is the point of having an email address up on yr website as contact info if no one is going to answer it.

    You may want to take a different approach besises kissing the ass of Fat Mike on this blog, it wont get you signed to yr beloved label. In the event that yr 10th rate shitty pop-punk mall rock clone band would get signed, it will be hard for people to purchase the records if they try and email the label to ask questions about them since those humps never bother to answer their email.

    If you want to get in touch with them, why not email your heroes directly and ask them, I’m sure you’ll get a speedy reply since they are such a great label and all.

    And just so you know, I do run my own record label and it being a one man operation, I can safely say I have better customer service on my limited time and budget than what Fat has shown me with theirs.

  • I’ve ordered form Fat Wreckords twice. First time my order was short, but they promptly sent my missing item. Second time my order was short. They never responded and I never got my shit. Don’t order from the bastards!

  • fuck punk. I’ve been a musician and a punk rocker for half my life but trying to form a new band is frustrating. All I get is fucking kids who can’t play their instruments or metal heads who masturbate with their guitars. Where are all the jaded old dudes?


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