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Gas was $2.09 this morning when I filled up! This is fucking insane, it was 30 cents more in CA last week too. All I know is when Clinton was president, I was paying $1.29 a gallon for gas. Hell, I was paying that just over a year ago too if I recall correctly. This is bullshit, it is getting too expensive to drive anywhere! My next car, whenver I have the misfortune of having to get one, is going to be one of those hybrid cars. Fuck drving, I have always hated it, and now I hate it even more. When are these fucks going to perfect beaming technology like on star trek?!

I’ve been catching up on the TV I missed when I was gone. Sopranos last week was really good, and the season finale of Smallville was amazing! I can’t wait until next season to see what happens. Last week’s Raw was alright, but not as good as recent weeks. The thing with Eugene and The Rock was pretty entertaining and the tag match with Benoit/Edge vs. Evolution was very well done. Deadwood was pretty good too, but man they sure love to use the work “cocksucker” a lot.

I just saw an article that reports Coke is coming out with a lower carb version of their most tasty drink, and are calling it C2. I wonder how it will taste. This whole low-carb thing is out of control, just like the low-fat thing used to be. In a few years they’ll be onto some other fad like low-protein because suddenly that will be bad for you.

Last nite I spent most of my tv watching time folding sleeves for the Government Issue record, a task I will continue tonite, along with folding inserts. I have so much to do outside of work and such little time to take care of it all. I wish I could just have a few days off of work to catch up on everything but that isn’t a possiblity.

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