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Koga the savior!

Thanks to Koga, I now get my daily Howard Stern fix via mp3 again everyday. I do listen to the show live when I wake up and drive to work, but there is a lot that I miss when sleeping/being at work already so now I once again can hear the entire shows, and that makes the work day so much more pleasant. Thanks man!

In other news, I have contacted a pair of old punk bands with the idea of doing a 7″. I’m waiting to hear back from them as far as if they’ll do it, but they initially seem interested. I will have to email them again to see if they have talked it over with their fellow bandmates. I am on the prowl to track down some old punk band members in hopes that I can do a few more 7″ releases, so if you know some old time punk rockers, please put them in touch.

Next week is my birthday, and I will be 35. I am really not very happy about that. It is really depressing to stop and think about, that I’m getting “old”. Sure, I don’t act my age for the most part, and my interests are the same in almost every way to those of my teenage years, but it doesn’t make it suck any less. This whole year seems to have flown by faster than any one prior. Summer is over and I feel like I didn’t get to enjoy the summer as much as I should of. I didn’t get out on the bike but maybe twice! I guess the reality of soon being closer to 40 rather than 30 is starting to get to me.

Skinny Puppy is touring again. They are doing a show in Milwaukee that I hope to attend if I can get the day off work. They are also playing here in Chicago at the Riviera, both shows are in November a day apart. I do look forward to seeing them again. It will break a new record for me by one. I will, if I get to attend the WI show, have seen them 7 times in one year, beating my previous record by 1 (I saw them 6 times in 1992 on the Last Rights tour, including what ended up being their final show as a band, and as one with all 3 members).

The DVD collection continues to grow, while the record collection barely grows. I just wish I had more time to watch them and catch up. I did buy a record on ebay the other day, first time in quite some time. Most of the stuff I need is just way too expensive and I can’t afford it. These bastards with big incomes or who don’t care about running up huge credit card debt are cheating me out of my punk rock, and cheating the vault out of completion!


  • Hey Mike-
    Don’t sweat the “old” shit…I turned 37 back in June and it’s a different world when you are a punkrock dad.My Son Benito Strummer is 19 months old now and learning to adjust to change (no more all night coke parties,slutting around,fighting,etc-being a “punk”)isn’t so bad.I have learned that I can’t take shit for granted anymore and to enjoy every moment I can…I think I lost track of my point here,but what I want you to know is that it’s natural to think that way…How many guys do you know these days that are as punk as you and still give a shit about it and actually have the health to enjoy your passions? Not many…at least on my side it’s that way.
    Enjoy 35,man.Seriously.I have grey nose hairs,dude…sorry!

  • If/when the project becomes a reality (which it is looking pretty good now), I’ll reveal the info then, but not before so as not to jinx it.


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