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In the last 24 hours, I have done two things that I have never done before…

The first thing was yesterday I went to a gym with Lady Combustion and I worked out. We joined one on Sunday after playing hardball with them to get a sweet price, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Finally after telling myself I should exercise more (or just plain exercise) and telling Lady C that I’d give it a try, AND my doctors always telling I should exercise, I am finally doing it. The first outing was a sucess and I’m not nearly as sore as I thought I would be. My plan is for us to go 3 times a week to start and I plan on sticking with it. Lady Combustion is a really good motivator and it is fun that we have something to do together.

The second thing was that today I voted for the very first time. I was always blissfully ignorant of politics and elections and the like, but this year it couldn’t be avoided and I had to partake. I wanted to do my part to try and vote satanhimself out of office and I hope he doesn’t find some way to swindle himself in that position again for the next 4 years. I had actually registered to shortly before the last election when I was renewing my driver’s license but never really thought I’d ever do it. I just wasn’t interested in it, I would tend to ignore such things and hope they will go away. It isn’t like I’m some political devotee now and am going to be all into it, but I did want to cast my vote, even though I fear that the whole election process is a work. I heard on the stern show that they read on some “drudge report” that some voting machines were sent out with hundreds of votes for Bush pre-loaded on the machines! This was in PA I guess.


  • Congrats on both of your endeavors – though only one of them was a true success.

    There is a lot to be said for finding a mutual interest that is also a health benefit. Of all sports, J and I took up tennis this summer and it’s been a blast. J expressed a passing interest in playing while we were watching the US Open. He made some crack,”I bet I can qualifiy for the US Open next year”. I replied that he had to get a raquet first. To my suprise he did. I only took it up because I figured it was the only way he would ever exercise – and too my own surprise I wound up enjoying it.


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