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It is all starting to make sense

Seeing just how many sheep voted for Bush yesterday really made me feel just like Thor, embarassed to be an american. I wondered how so many people could be so blind, then I started thinking about how many morons there are out there cutting me off on the road, yapping on their cell phones while driving thru red lights or driving 2 miles an hour in the fast lane on the highway when traffic is wide open. It all started to make sense to me. Most people are stupid! Seeing all the red states during the results on TV, and the way people drive are evidence!

I hope those people who voted for bush will enjoy their children and grandchildren being sent over to fight a war and die in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, yet somehow became a priority over getting the people that flew planes into the WTC. I also hope they enjoy paying double the price of gas compared to how it was before Bush came into office. In fact, they ought to be paying to fill up my car! In fact, The Dicks said it best. To all of you mindless morons, “I Hope You Get Drafted”.

The first time I become an active participant by voting results in my feeling let down and defeated. And ashamed of, and baffled by, my fellow “americans”. It will be a long 4 years.

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  • I borrowed this from mrboto at LJ.
    I couldn’t agree more.

    Xeni Jardin from

    “I was making coffee with one eye on CNN when the news broke, and I called my dad, a man who’s spent many years fighting for good things, sometimes at great personal cost.

    “Get over it,” he said, “The way you feel now is exactly how I felt when Nixon won a second term — crushed. I just couldn’t believe America was that stupid. But remember what happened to Nixon that term.”

    “Change comes from discontent,” he said. “And right now, there’s a lot of discontent.”

    I finish pouring my coffee, and agree when my dad says what we’re faced with right now is considerably more frightening than Nixon.”


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