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Blatant Dissent – Is There a Fear 7″ (1985 Landmind Records)

My first exposure to Blatant Dissent was when my friends who did Landmind Records (this is when we were all in high school) put out their 7″ and they gave me a copy. I took it home and played it to death, I loved it! It was in the same vein as Naked Raygun at the time and at that time NR were the biggest thing in Chicago. I would get my local punk friends hooked on the record as well as playing it regularly on my radio show at the time.

I ended up writing to the address on the records and struck up a correspondence with singer John Mohr. He even put an ad in an early issue of Spontaneous Combustion. Years later, I’d go see a band called Tar, who, as it turned out, John was the guitar player/singer in. I’d come to realize that Tar had members that were in Blatant Dissent. I’d reintroduce myself to him and I ended up seeing Tar 11 times while they were still a band including their farewell show when John moved to Seattle.

A year or so ago, another former member of Blatant Dissent, Thomas Clark, found my website, and the Landmind page specifically, and got in touch with me. When I decided I was going to feature this single in an entry, I figured I’d hit him up for a story. I had lost touch with John Mohr after he moved to Seattle quite a few years ago. Not only did Thomas happily oblige, but he put me back in touch with John!
John Mohr’s story:

Blatant Dissent started in the fall of 1983, as a cover band. We formed in Dekalb, IL where all of the members went to school (NIU). We did the basic covers of the day (“stepping stone”, “walk, don’t run”, “sex machine”, and some others as well).

The original members were:

Jeff Burka – Bass
Dave Fishman – drums
Tim Fowler – Guitar, vocals
John Mohr – Guitar, vocals
Jim Wohlever – lead vocals

That lineup lasted about 6 months, before the musical differences came in and scooted out Jeff Burka, who was replaced by the amazing Tom Clark, who ended up on the cover of “Is there a Fear?” EP. Jim Wohlever left the band in the spring of 84, and I took over vocals, and pretty much stopped playing guitar.

The lineup of Fishman, Fowler, Clark, and Mohr gelled. We started writing our own songs, ditched the covers, and began playing shows Dekalb, Chicago, and other midwestern towns.

I was a huge fan of Naked Raygun, with their records “throb, throb” and “Basement Screams” being favorites of mine. Iain Burgess was also doing production on a lot of the local releases, especially those released on Ruthless Records. We ended up getting Jeff Pezzati and Iain to help us record too many songs in one day at Chicago Recording Company. We recorded in February of ’85, as I recall. This was the second time the band was in studio. Our previous effort was a demo tape that we recorded in the summer of ’84.

That’s Tom Clark on the cover of it, hanging off of the roof of the house that we lived in in Dekalb, IL. On the back is a photo of the main street in Sycamore, IL. The idea was that the main street was empty, and scary! Anyway, we co-released this with Landmind records, which resulted in a co-distribution or a sharing of the manufacturing costs, or something like that. We pressed 1000 of these records, and about 850 were distributed with the “Tom Clark” sleeve. We did a very brief tour in the summer of ’86 and packaged up the remaining 7″-ers with the Tour sleeve that Mike V has shown here

Somewhere in late 85 / early 86, Tim Fowler and Dave Fishman left the band, as their musical desires led them “in another direction”. Mike Greenlees joined the band on drums (Mike designed the “tour sleeve” as well the cover for “dreams 7″, not to mention every other record cover that I’ve ever been involved in). We also had Tom Clark switching to guitar, and Tim Mescher joining on bass guitar.

This was the version of Blatant Dissent that recorded the dreams 7”, and also the “Hold the Fat” lp that ended up getting released on Glitterhouse records several years later. For those of you good at math will note that by adding Mark Zablocki to the mix, and removing Tom Clark, you essentially have TAR.

Well, we figured that out in the spring of ’88 or so.

-John 12/29/04

and now for Tom Clark’s story:

Here’s my memory, and how it all came about…..let’s see……

Well, I hadn’t been in the band all that long…I was just a friend of theirs that was attending NIU, in my hometown of Dekalb, Illinois. They (John Mohr, Tim Fowler, and Dave Fishman) were living in the dorms. One day I went over to play some music with Tim Fowler and Matt Parker (who, with Dave Fishman, formed Happy Hunting…great band!) They liked my bass playing, even though I wasn’t really a bass player. Tim mentioned it to John Mohr. They were looking to replace their current bass player who was somewhat of a spoiled brat-mod-wanna-be. They asked and I said “sure!”

I remember our first Chicago gig, which I have on video somewhere, was with Out of Order (and the Dead Milkmen!! If it was the same gig) at the Cubby Bear in Chicago. I remember Jeff Pezzatti of Naked Raygun coming down, whom John was friends with. I guess the next natural thing to do was make a record. Now, I was 19, I think, and this was exciting. It was really all John’s get up and go that got it done. We’d all been in High School rock bands, playing tons of covers…been doing it since I was 13, and here comes John, never ever being in a band before, and he’s putting together a pretty good band AND getting shows in Chicago, Milwaukee, etc., and now he’s saying “let’s make a record!” Around this time we’d moved into student houses, John and I were in one with about 7 other guys on College Ave.

We cut the Is There A Fear? EP on a very snowy day in February. I remember picking the boys up in my station wagon at some ungodly hour (I have all the pics…they call me the Archivist) As we got into Chicago, we nearly had an accident on a snowy hill that somehow I’d managed to swerve JUST ENOUGH around a line of cars and avoided a smash up that would have broken my spirits, if not more, on that big day. We arrived at CRC Studios where Jeff Pezzatti and Ian Burgess met us and recorded the record (and possibly mixed it ) in one day.
Tim Fowler was a one-take wonder…truly gifted guitar player, still is. I think, also, he was hung over! I think I did one or two punch-ins…it was quick. We thought “wow, that was easy!” You know, you hear of these bands taking three years to record a record..they should just ask us how it’s done! Then we needed a cover, and John was taking the picture…he needed someone to hang off the balcony on College Avenue, and I again said “sure!”

John was up in a tree, taking his time while taking the picture…I was literally hanging there, saying “come on…take the picture….” I had red marks on my arms for days….young and stupid. It was only a second floor balcony….so John cropped the ground out of the photo to make it look like I was way up there! It was really great to get them, too. I still get excited to get a new record out, but not as excited as that first one! I’m still in touch with all of that, and the later, line-ups of BD. Still all great guys! Now I’m gonna go put it on….maybe I should apologize to the neighbors beforehand…..Tom Clark

And finally, John got Mike Greenlees to chime in with a little more info:

Also, even though there was no recording involved, BD had two more guitarists before turning into Tar. We had the Bruin, Bruce Halverson for awhile, Late 86 to sometime in 87, I think. Halloween, or thereabouts. Then we got Zablocki in there after he responded to that crazy flyer we put up in Wax Trax. He was in BD for however many months until we changed the name. I actually don’t remember when that happened. Were we still BD when we recorded those songs at Albini’s? Because those were all BD songs until we wrote Static. It seems like we booked a show at Cubby Bear as BD, played the show as TAR, then recorded that same weekend, but I could be wrong…

Remember that tour with Joe Tech, who had been relieved of his wisdom teeth the day before we left? Great tour. Fun. What the fuck were we thinking? That poor crazy fucker at Yale…or Princeton, whatever it was, with the White Russians? Telling the Christ on Parade dude that he skated like a girl? HOO!

Tom Clark is still playing music and has a website. John currently is not playing music. I’m not sure about what the other guys are up to but perhaps Tom or John will comment on this and fill us in.

“Click here to hear “Hands Are Tied” from the record (right click and “save target as…”)


  • Blatant Dissent’s last show was actually in DeKalb, I know because I booked it! I have a tape of it somewhere too. I met those guys while I was in college there and I interviewed them for the first issue of my fanzine THIS.

    After Tar split up Mike got involved in a lot of projects. He was playing shows here and there with Cheer Accident (him and Thymme Jones went to high school together), and playing drums for Ex-Chittle. Mike and I had been talking about playing for a long time and so we finally started doing some stuff in maybe 1998 or so. At first it was basically all of Tar with me instead of John. This lineup was called Hale. Soon Mark Zablocki decided he had too many commitments and so me, John and Tom did some stuff as a three-piece before bringing in Tony Jones who had been in 16 Tons. Tony played bass and Tom moved to guitar. This lineup became Luckyj (named after Tom’s last name Zaluckyj.) It is pronounced however you want. Luckyj recorded a bunch of stuff at Albini’s that never got released. I think we played like five or six gigs, including one in Minneapolis opening for Arcwelder. Around the end of Luckyj Tom recorded an album and toured with Fred Schneider from the B-52s. Soon after he moved to LA.

    This left Mike, Tony and I as a three piece and around then Mark came back into the mix, and this lineup was called Municipal. We recorded some stuff at the home studio of a friend of mine and played a few shows, and then Mark also decided to depart for LA. Mike, Tony and I kept at it for a while before succumbing to life pressures early last year or so. Last I heard Tom was in a band in LA, although I don’t have any details, and to the best of my knowledge nobody else referenced above is currently playing. Mark is living with his wife in Washington DC. John, Mike and Tony all live in the Chicago area with their respective spouses. I just moved to Seattle.

    I probably saw a couple dozen Tar shows too. Always a blast.

  • Also, I just remembered, we recorded it on used tape….over a Big Black demo with Pezzatti on Bass!!! God, I hope someone made a copy before we destroyed it!One of my memories of a Milwaukee gig was at a place called Yano’s…we drove all the way there from Dekalb, only to heartbreakingly find our name not on the chalkboard outside. The manager said “who are you?” we said “Blatant Dissent, we’re playing with Naked Raygun tonight” and he said “No, you’re not. You’re not on the chalkboard, see??” Well, in a grand act of comraderie (Sp?) Jeff Pezzatti said “If they don’t play, Naked Raygun isn’t playing” So ,naturally, we played. We played “I’m Just A Bill” from Schoolhouse Rock on that gig, with John rapping about how a bill becomes a law in the middle…. I also remember doing the Hold the Fat (originally titled “Skinniest Band in America!”) album with Albini, staying at his house. We called him King Barbecue…we grilled out on his fire escape!

  • Greg,
    I had no clue you played music with those guys! What a small world!

    Do you have a copy of the Blatant Dissent demo still?

    Rest of the world,
    Tom provided me with a picture of BD with more to come, I will post those in the images section of the Spontaneous Combustion site when I get them

  • Here is a photo of Municipal I found that Mike took in our old practice space we shared with Cheer Accident (warning very large):

    Also no discussion of Blatant Dissent is complete without a mention of “Paint My Dick”, a song set to one of those tunes you always hear at basketball games and whose entire lyrics consisted of “Paint My Dick!” It was great for sing-a-longs. I also remember the “record release” show for Hold The Fat at Dreamerz when they covered “Vanilla Blue” by Naked Raygun with Jeff Pezzati in the audience. They did some other great covers including “Suspect Device” by SLF and “Doomtown” by The Wipers. They opened the only time I saw Big Black. Their second-to-last guitarist Bruce Halverson was always trying to get them to do KISS songs. Good times.

  • First and foremost,let’s give credit where credit is due. “Paint My Dick” was a song by the fabulous DeKalb band,Ring 13. Ring 13 had future BD guitarist Bruce Halverson in it along with a couple of DeKalb guys named Scott and Eric,I think. I remember the drummer kicking some serious ass. As for Blatant Dissent, I was there at it’s inception. It was quite a bit of fun. I remember seeing John Mohr and friends of his at shows in Chicago before any of us went to NIU. The first week of classes freshman year(1983-1984) I saw this guy that looked awfully familiar. I approached him after the class and asked him if he was the same guy from the city. Turns out he was.
    He then introduced me to Tim Fowler and the other guys in the original line-up. I think I met Tom Clark later in an English class or something. We had a blast. At that point,no internet made networking hard and John Mohr was a master at it. He befriended many people and we had a lot of opportunities to play some pretty cool shows,record and have an all around good time for a bunch of punk college kids. It’s great that people I was involved with then are still very active in the music community. If I think of anything else amusing,I’ll pass it along

    Dave Fishman
    Drummer,Blatant Dissent

  • Oh man, yes, this is absolutely correct. I had forgotten all about Ring 13! I never saw them (a little before my time since I went to DeKalb in 1986) but I had heard stories and I remember people wearing those shirts around. I don’t think I ever saw the lineup with Tom, Dave and Tim either. I’m pretty sure it was John, Mike, Tim and Bruce by the time I was around. I remember seeing Happy Hunting a few times though.

  • Fishmaniac! Howdy! The drummer for Ring 13 was the great Dan Boardman (who moved further West for college…wrestling scholarship…and was in Leafy Green Things and The Spectors) Dan, Bruce and I all went to Dekalb High School together. I have a live tape of a show where a teacher is telling Dan to leave and the teacher says “Do you want me to call your Grandfather, Dan??” Dan says “Come ooon, you gotta be kidding!!” Great stuff. Bruce Halverson, who lives here in NY, is putting out a Ring 13 collection, and it’s GREAT. I drove with Bruce when he moved out here in a Ryder truck from Illinois. On the way I was telling him how he will see his old rock idols all the time in the street, because believe it or not, NYC is a SMALL town! We were playing a tape on the way a friend of ours, sort of a musical guru….Larry Lahey…made for us in High School. It had an old Iggy song on it called “Knockin’ Em Down in the City” and we were bangin on the dashboard singing along til our truck died at three in the morning on a mountain somewhere in Pennsylvania…we were there forever….finally we get the NYC. A few days later Bruce is in the bar I worked in, just me and him…and we were talking about the ride out, and that Iggy Pop song…..Bruce goes into the bathroom and who walks in …..Iggy and his girlfriend (he lived two blocks away)…I say “Iggy, we were just talking about you, and Knockin Em Down In the City” and he says “yeah, mumble mumble”…..I give him his change and he says “Didn’t I give you a twenty?”…..shit….I shortchanged Iggy Pop….so then Bruce comes out of the bathroom, and besides himself, there’s three other people in the bar…I say “Hey, Bruce….who’s that at the end of the bar ?” he looks and says “Omigod, omigod….that’s Iggy!!” Welcome to NY, Bruce.

  • Oh, yeah…Dave….I totally FORGOT I met you in English class. You had that first BD T-Shirt, with the mohawk guy giving the finger!! I remember that better than that class…….remember the Finger House? (of course you do) I remember being there for a New Years Party, walking home the couple blocks to the College Ave. House, the guys were watching T.V. and there was pictures of a plane crash….Ricky Nelson had just died. Man, the first single I remember buying EVER at an antique toy show was Poor Little Fool by Ricky Nelson, and that was because it was on the 3 Dollar record player I was buying! One speaker fell of the back of my brothers pick up truck on the way home and dragged down a gravel road for I don’t know how long…so for years a had on nice speaker, and one beat to crap speaker. I guess I’m getting WAY off the Blatant Dissent point, here. Sorry, when you get to be my age…….

  • also…my spelling is obviously getting crappier….and it was an antique CAR show…..

  • Hello gents. Well, might as well make it a complete virtual reunion. (Still awaiting my court date with Alice Cooper over “Hands Are Tied”). Scott…Scott…Scott…Scott…

  • Great to stumble upon this page. Hey Greg — I can’t believe you moved to Seattle! Drop me a line at my attached email…

    I used to be the singer in Flea Circus. So I don’t have any sort of post that relates to BD, but I saw TAR a few times. Never saw Municipal or Luckyj either! But anyway, you put us up for a few shows at the Eagle’s Club in DeKalb, right Greg?

    Drop me a line!

  • Kevin! Jesus! Yeah that sure was me. God, everyone is getting dragged out here. I sent you some mail, hope all is well.

  • Hey guys, someone told me about this page, I remember the tour to the East Coast right after my wisdom teeth had been taken out very well. That club we stayed in for a few days in the mountains, they didn’t really know we were coming but couldn’t throw us out either – I think you played with the Volcano Suns there. And your agent had booked a gig in Kansas city, so we had to drive from New York to kansas city for one show, which I thought was a really bad idea… We didn’t do it.
    that was a lot of fun. And then NYC itself, which was really fun.

    Joe Tech

  • Good lord, now Joe Tech’s checking in. Great guy, great driver. Driving around a bunch of clueless rookies like us having just had his wisdom teeth out. I can’t imagine we paid him adequately. Yeah, that must have been really fun for him.

    I can’t remember where we found him…he had a van and was squiring around Precious Wax Drippings at the time, and I think John arranged for the printing of one of their singles a little later…

    That gig with Volcano Suns was in Morgantown, West Virginia…one of three gigs on the tour, that was actually confirmed. I remember getting ploughed at the bar watching some goofy hybrid reggae band, then sleeping on the stage after the club closed. We also played in New Haven with Christ on Parade, Toxic Reasons and Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, and at CBGBs (again with Christ on Parade and a few dozen other bands on some matinee bill. I think every other gig fell through. There was talk on the way back to Chicago of continuing on to California to confront the guy who set it up, since we had so much extra time on our hands. The same guy was going to release the Blatant Dissent album Hold the Fat, which actually made it all the way to test pressings and artwork before the guy took a powder on us.


  • Hey Joe:

    I’m glad that you had fun memories of that trip. Other than getting to open for the Volcano Suns (pre Bob Weston) and playing CB’s (we played cb’s, right?) 11th on the bill, It wasn’t the greatest of trips.

    Ah, well, live and learn.

    Morgantown West Virgina, yeah, I’ve been there….


  • I KNOW you played cb’s on those trips cause you all crashed at MY house!! CB’s is closing! Sad in theory, but when was the last time anyone saw a great show there……the first time is always “cool, I played cbgb’s”….the second is “hey, we got a better spot at cb’s!!” then after that it’s like “Oh, I forgot to tell you, we played CB’s last night. I didn’t want to tell you before ’cause I didn’t wanna force you to go there….”….I have priceless TAR video footage from numerous visits here…might even have some of Tim sleeping on the ground outside of CB’s……I do remember on one of your first trips here, going to a Japanese restaurant, and John saying “what’s this?” and instead of telling him it was wasabi, I said “guacamole”….John put it all in his mouth, and, well, you can see where that went…..

  • What a surprise to come across this website. It brings back good memories from over 20 years ago. John, I read about you in a Chicago Magazine article some years ago about a record producer who produced Nirvana. “Fishsticks”, I appreciate you reminding me of Ring 13 who I believe were a group of high school kids in 1984. Tim, I always admired your ability to play the guitar.

    Any of you guys kept in touch with our number one fan from 1984, Emmitt the “E-Man”? How about our number two fan, “Breedan”?

    Take care!

  • Hi Jim:

    I actually stay in touch with Breedan via email. The last time I saw Emmitt (m-it) was at a cubs game, where he was selling programs (seriously).

  • By the way, Bruce Halverson , of Ring 13 and Blatant Dissent, has compiled a soon to be released Ring 13 CD!!! He lives here in NY and last time I talked to him he was setting up the website and doing the artwork for the cd! Great stuff….

  • if you guys reunite, drop by gainesville again, huh? we’ll try and make sure mike doesn’t get mugged this time. (it was mike, wasn’t it?) (not that i expect y’all to remember, but you guys stayed with me a few times down here.)

  • It was Tom Zaluckyj. I was safely inside setting up drums, or something.

    Patrick is speaking of an incident at the Covered Dish (?) in Gainesville on one of Tar’s tours. Tom went out to the van to get a toothbrush, and he and a couple of local kids got held up by a guy with a gun on a bicycle. A ride-by mugging.

  • I first saw BD open up for Naked Raygun at the Metro in 1985 while I was a senior in High School…after the show I bought this single from Mohr at the merch table and gushed on how great I thought the band was. John was super nice and all in his own “aw shucks ” way and congratulated me on picking NIU and DeKalb as my next stop in life. “The scene is GREAT!” said John.

    That Fall was kick-ass, first semester in College, Big Black with Blatant Dissent at the eagles club.

    The night BD changed thier name to TAR was indeed at the show Greg booked at the Wesley foundation, a church basement which we promised the minister there would feature NO DRINKING. ( This was adhered to not very strictly…esp when David Yow played thier in one of the first Jesus Lizard shows) . I have the flyer here somewhere. (Greenlees did a great one and I did a shitty drawing one) It was a double bill of BD and the Didjits.

    OK- Im going to go put on my copy of Hold the Fat now. OR I’ll find my tape with copy of “long arm” on it.

  • Stumbling into this conversation a little late. I remember seeing BD a number of times in Dekalb and Chicago, always a great show. And one of the nicest group of people youd ever met. I think I saw them open for Naked Raygun at a hall in University of Chicago, though that memory is a little foggy. John actually put out our (Sixteen Tons) first 7inch. By then BD had morphed into TAR, an equally great group of people. And we had the pleasure of playing with them a few times in various parts of Illinois. Two bands that will always be on my iPod.

  • I can’t believe Jim Wohlever not only found this sight but responded. That is fucking hilarious. All we need now is Jeff Burka and all will be wrong with the world. Did any of you see that artist who painted some stuff over Tom and is calling her painting “Blatant Dissent”. I smell a lawsuit. I hope all is well with all of you.

    “Do The Hoagie”

  • hey folks,
    does anyonoe know the email adress of TIM MESCHER?? i met him and his wife 2002 in thailand and would like to get into contact with them again..

  • Hello

    My name is Mike Keeling. I noticed Dan Boardman mentioned here and thought I’d my 2 cents. Dan did end up moving west to the Universaty of Nebraska on a wrestling scholarship. He and I were the co-songwriter/singers in The Leafy Green Things for 3 or 4 years. Anyhoo, our band used to cover “paint my dick”. So the song was revived and popularized at the U of N from around 87-91. Dan played many of our early gigs with a Ring 13 banner across his amp. Those were good times.

  • Wow. John Mohr, Mike Greenlees, Dave Fishman, Dan Grzeca, and Greg Dunlap all in the same thread? Awesome.

    Hey, if you guys do reunite, I’ll go over by Club Stodola’s old place and see if I can swing a gig…

  • I was hoping Tar would reform and embark on a world beating tour.

    I have some Tar matchbooks that would then fetch me a bundle on E bay.

  • im not worthy of commenting on blatant dissent. besides suggesting doom town and suspect device (they never gave in to kiss) to the set, i was not a good fit. tim and tom’s guitar parts were beyond my skill at the time, could be why john does not mention my name, but its cool, its all just les paul worries of the past. bd were a great band with some great songs(none of which i wrote).i saw bd in dekalb after my tossing in a basement i think, they were much better w/o me. i never saw tar and if i did i dont remember. a special thanks to tom and dave fishman for the nice words.
    time to disapate

  • Bruce,

    Maybe we never gave into your suggestion to cover a Kiss song, but that never stopped you from playing them between every song anyway! Heh.

    My favorite Bruce Halverson story: A few of us were driving in Bruce’s Cutlass (or whatever it was) to a show at Exit in Chicago. A girl who was with us was kind of chattering nonstop the entire trip, and finally commented “Doesn’t this remind you of being on vacation with your family when you were little?”

    Bruce: Not really. Nobody in my family has red hair.

    That shut her up for a while.

  • Somewhat amazed at how Tim Mescher is not mentioned in any of this commentary: other than a person who met him in Thailand. He was a huge part of Blatant Dissent and TAR, yet he doesn’t see to have much of a mention. Guess I shouldn’t be amazed after being around in the 80’s and meeting all of you. I see names that I haven’t even thought of in 15/20 years. Not too impressed with this commentary…

  • Hi Betty.

    Tim is mentioned in the first posting from John.

    Truth be told, neither Tim nor I should even be involved in this blog, as neither one of us played in the “classic” version of BD, which recorded the 7″.

    I don’t remember meeting you back then. That was a long time ago. Sounds like I made quite an impression.

    Tim Mescher was a fine bass player – a writer of many, many creative bass lines. He was a huge part of Tar from 1988-to late 1990. He was also a member of the rock bands Snailboy (which became Shorty after his tenure) and, uh, Full Bore. And he’s a fine cartographer, if memory serves, specializing in digital mapping over by Kane County. He lives in DeKalb, Illinois with his charming wife, Jennifer with whom he recently completed a trip circling the globe.

    I hope that rectifies the problem.

  • Just thought I’d throw this bit in: way back when Mike Greenlees was doing a zine and before he was in Blatent Dissent, I started corresponding with him while I was locked up in Leavenworth. When the Blatant Disent full-length was recorded, he sent me a tape of it – and further – swore me to secrecy that they had ever existed because Tar was coming out and they didn’t want this albini/touch and go linked band associated with “hardcore” – which is more or less what BD played. I kept his secret – and when I saw Tar play I approached him/you/Mike G. at a show in Hollywood – but you didn’t kick me any Tar tuneage – so you won’t mind me poking around now picking up what I can gratis on line, right! Glad to hear you’re doing good – but I say get a band together and soon! — Shaneflipside

  • I’ve heard some rumblings recently that Blatant Dissent is going to reform in Chicago this summer. Any truth to this?

  • So I hear there might be a reunion tour/concert this summer? I am working on plans for getting out there.


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