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  • I hear ya, mxv! I can’t get anyone to let me in on what the hell is going on there. I had a conversation with Daved on a chat room on Soulseek on Friday night. Had some e-mails with others, too.


  • Late breaking news. Someone finally has found out that the PHP files that control the board have been infected with a virus. It is supposed to be down another week. Whatever happened to the temporary board that we had several months ago? Someone’s needs to resurrect it soon.


  • last time the board crashed i lost all my pm’s. this will bum me out because i had one saved from jacopo…

    what will craig do if his post count resets at 0?

  • I read somethign a few weeks ago about a php based bb virus and how people needed to make sure they upgraded. I guess the powers that be didn’t see it 🙁

  • I hope this gets sorted soon. Didn’t realize how much I’d miss my daily fix of The Daghouse. The current action on the temporary board just doesn’t compare. There isn’t even a Field Day thread. Bah!

  • Ha-ha, just noticed these posts are also from 2005! Oh well, I guess no one else remembers the back-up board or have been bothered to seek it out like I just did. Hellooooooo? Where AAAAAARE Youuuuuuuuuuu?

  • So yeah, people not pay for the site or it just get shut down due to lack of interest? People at work notice I’m getting more done but that I’m not laughing as much. Daghouse R.I.P.


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