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Seeking band members

I am looking for anyone that can put me in touch with anyone who was in the following bands…

Corpsicles, No Thanks, Misguided, Armed Citizens, Token Entry, Salvation Army, Meaty Buys, Catatonics, False Prophets, Kids For Cash, The Next.

Aside from those, I’m always looking to get stories direct from the source so if anyone reading this was in an old punk or hardcore band from the 70s and 80s, please get in touch.


  • Token Ernie is now in a band called the Arsons. They have a web site, so do a google search and I am sure that you can easily find it. Tim Chunks has been Green Day’s tour manager for the past gazillion years, so you should be able to find him as well…

    As for Kids For Cash, I used to be friends with a few of them back in the day, so if you find someone, please let me know, I’d love to speak to them. What a great and very underrated and unknown 7″!

  • I played guitar& screamed in the Catatonics, then drums for Stillborn, then Bass for Fang, then drums for Boom & the Legion of Doom, then guitar & vocs for Project 6, then guitar for Mugwomp, then guitar for Shameless Spectacle, and currently Bass for The Demonics. So many stories – but so little space – never a dull moment!

  • dyo guzy drummer armed ctizens……..astoria almost after 21 years were back ….the speed of our music was blazing with a slightly formed lineup still original singer chris and guz drummer but now jorned by john on guitar skull on bass sounding better than before.i am 42 if u want to no about hardcore it wasnt about the music it was about trying to me i have alot to tell all 1347 813 4639 house #


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