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A new address and a new system

Note: the URL now for The Punk Vault is simply . Please update your bookmarks and links if you’d be so kind.

Under the suggestion by my good friend Thor, I made the switch from Movable Type to WordPress. It was largely due to his telling me how taxing the MT blogs are on his servers and my not wanting to be the cause of any troubles for him, I decided to give this a try. I spent the better part of the last two days fumbling through the CSS to alter a template to my liking, after once having to start over from scratch after completely breaking it beyond repair. The installation of the WordPress system couldn’t have been easier, and if I knew thing one about CSS, this would have been a lot simpler. I am going to have to take some classes in html/css/flash so I can get better at it, and maybe even get a job doing that since nothing else is working out for me.

In other news, this year continues its shit slide. Lady Combustion is planning on leaving me and I’m none too happy about the prospect of losing her and the dog. I also tanked in pinball league finals tonite. I jobbed all 4 matches and was out in no time. It wasn’t the least bit fun. My car also has troubles and will likely end up costing me some money I don’t have to spend.

My one salvation of late has been late nite bike rides around 11:30pm. I put on the Ipod and hit the road and go where ever I’m inspired to ride in the streets. Its pretty peaceful at that time and the weather is nice too since its so damn humid all day. I keep hoping I’m gonna have some epiphany while riding and I’ll “figure it all out” as to what I’m gonna do for work and with my life in general, but nothing seems to come to me. All I end up doing is thinking of things and people in the past and reflect on how much I hate change, and I hate that so many people leave your life throughout the years and you lose touch with them.

On a completely unrelated topic, Revelation Records sent over the new Curl Up and Die album, something I was really looking forward to. Upon the first 3 listens all the way through, I can safely say that it lived up to my expectations. It really is a good record and I’m gonna play it a bunch in the next couple days to really let it soak in and there will be a review of it posted here then. Early indications are that its something I’d recommend highly.



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