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Just some various odds and ends.

I’d like to thank Thor for once again helping me with something blog related. I couldn’t seem to figure out why the redirect script I installed to get people to the new blog when coming from a search wasn’t working. It took him all of about 5 minutes to figure out what was wrong and fix it. The man has the smarts I tell you. I’d also like to thank Tim A. for hooking me up with Tony Hawk Underground 2 for the PS2. I’ve been a huge fan of the series but that was one I never got around to picking up due to either not having time to play it, or not having the extra cash. I started playing it yesterday and it is a lot better than the last one. The soundtrack is pretty sweet too and includes songs by The Germs, X, and the Dead Boys among countless others.

I mentioned this a couple weeks ago but its now official, Lady Combustion and I are through. She signed a lease and is out of here October 1. I’m really sad that it didn’t work out (despite her ridiculous claims that I don’t care), but I am just so defeated by all the crap that has gone wrong this year that I think I’m just numb. What sucks more is she’s here in Combustion Manor for 2 more months until she can move in and we are barely even speaking to each other this week which just makes being at home all the more miserable. My late night bike rides (my source of salvation these days where I can have some peace) have temporarily turned into late night walks as the bike is in for repairs and won’t be back until Friday.

Tonight I’m going to once again see Curl Up and Die play a show in DeKalb. Youngdave is on board for it again as well. I’m looking forward to it. Saturday I’m going to see Since By Man play at Bottom Lounge, anyone want to go? They have a new album coming out fairly soon so I’m sure they will be playing some new material. They always put on a great show and its been awhile since they have played here.

Still nothing on the job front unfortunately. I sure hope something comes up soon!


  • The Dead Boys and X on a Tony Hawk game? I like the sound of that! Maybe it would make me play better, but that’s not likely. I used to play the first one that came out a billion years ago.

    Have a good time at the show tonight!


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