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The many flavors of:
Adrenalin OD – Let’s BBQ 7″

The first single from these New Jersey based jokesters came in a couple different variations in the short time it was available.

The first pressing had red letters on the sleeve,

and on the back cover, they scratched out by hand a typo and wrote in the correction. There was 1500 pressed.

Then it was repressed and the cover was changed to have blue letters. There was 2000 of them made.

They also fixed the back cover typo.

There was also two different inserts.

The first pressing insert.

The second pressing insert.

The test pressing came in the first pressing sleeve,

and the inner sleeve was unique (this copy was Dave Scott’s copy, the other tests may have different sleeves).

So there you have it, the many flavors of the first AOD 7″, another fine piece of hardcore punk history.


  • Great info Mike. I’ve had one of the red lettered ones (with a drawing of some greek columns signed by “squibb”) for years but no other info on the pressing breakdown. Thanks.

  • I would except I hate bootlegs and I don’t in any way want to legitimze it. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t count. However, you may have a point to bring it up as a warning so people out there don’t get taken thinking they are getting the real deal.

  • i had the first pressing and on the inside of the cover was a handwritten note that said “what are the colors of your mother’s shoe laces?”

  • i really think CHEAP TRICK needs to start recording harder ass music
    they can kick soo much ass , but suck now, maybe they could do sum aod covers,,
    anyone remember sand in the face??? ralphie in az

  • The note on the inside of my redcover version reads “The 4 men on the cover are not Adrenalin O.D. But an incredible simulation”.note is written in blue ink.
    Back cover is corrected in red ink.

  • Hey is there any way to tell the later blue cover version from the bootleg blue cover version?? Just wondering ..I have a copy withe the blue cover but have had it for quite a while..

  • The bootleg had more of a purplish blue lettering and the labels were totally different. Also the moire pattern on the photos of the bootleg cover help identify it as well.


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