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The many flavors of: Gods Favorite Dog

This record was featured in a recent “Selections from The Punk Vault” and it got me to thinking that there was a few different variations of it. I was missing one of them, which I have since acquired, thus giving me completion for this slab of wax. Yes, I can sleep just a tiny bit better now knowing that I completed something in life 😉

The first pressing had blue letters on the cover and is perhaps the most common of them all.
Gods Favorite Dog first press

The second pressing changed the cover (and inner sleeve) to having pink letters.
Gods Favorite Dog 2nd pressing

There was two UK pressings as well. Aside from the color differences, they added the UK address underneath the Touch and Go logo on the back cover.

The first UK pressing (at least I am pretty sure it is) had gold letters.
Gods Favorite Dog UK pressing 1

The second UK pressing (at least I am pretty sure it is) had green letters on the sleeve. I wasn’t even aware of its existence until reading Obik’s website dedicated to Big Black.
Gods Favorite Dog UK pressing 2

And last but not least, the test pressing looks like this…
Gods Favorite Dog test pressing

So there you go, more variations of Gods Favorite Dog than you’d probably want to own yourself! Now if only Touch and Go would get to reissuing that on CD.


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