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Gastunk – Devil 7″ (1983? Dogma Records)

Gastunk is another one on the fairly short list of non-North American punk/hardcore bands I collect. I first heard of them when Pushead put out one of their albums on his long-defunct Pusmort Records. By the time that record came out, the band had already been around a few years. They had been putting out records prior to that in their home country of Japan, and actually those earlier ones were among their best.

I’d later find out that Gastunk was started by Baki and Baby from The Execute, who are probably my all-time favorite Japanese punk band. I noticed a similar sound between the two when I got those early Gastunk records, which made sense to me once I learned of the shared members. The best I can tell is the band formed around 1983 and I believe this is their first 7″. They did a handful of singles and a few LPs before breaking up. As time passed, their sound changed from hardcore to a more rock/metal sound. Aside from their album on Pusmort (which he licensed for release in the USA), none of their other records were released over here in the US, and were pretty hard to come by. I can tell you this 7″, as well as their Dead Song LP are well worth seeking out. In doing some searches in hopes of finding more information to share (which sadly came up empty), I noticed that over in Japan, all their material has been released on CD, which unfortunately would cost a lot to buy as an import. Perhaps someday a US label will license it for release over here as it certainly would be worthy (as would the early works of The Execute).

As always, if you have any additional information to share, or were in Gastunk, please get in touch.

Listen to “Sex” from the record.

Gastunk’s official website (not in English, but you can see a translated version here)


  • why would you wait for some label to license it in the states? is it that hard to shell out $20 for a Japan import CD? that Gastunk 7″ you pictured above costs probably well over the price of the import CD

  • thier first 7″ was “Mr. Gazime” — this is like thier 4th or so. it was also released in a limited edition “fishnet” sleeve on white “confetti frosting” vinyl. i have every release Gastunk ever made… flexis/vinyl/box set/cds/vhs/dvd/t-shirts/posters (they also changed their name to GASTANK when they started doing the Guns’n’Roses type music)
    i wouldn’t consider yourself a “collector” — that’s not a knock, it’s just that if you were a real “collector” you wouldn’t let something like “money” get in the way of buying ANYTHING you could find by them (or any band for that matter) i live in the U.S., never been to Japan, yet i have a killer Gastunk collection!

  • I don’t care if I’m referred to as a “collector” or not, it has no bearing on my life what label I fall under. However I’ve been known to drop stupid money on a record or two when I really want something. That aside, the average music fan isn’t likely to pay a shitload of cash for a record or a CD and it is a shame that Gastunk’s music isn’t easily accessible by the more general punk rock liking public.

  • “Mr Gazime” was not their first 7″ I believe it’s their 3rd. The above one is the first one. If you heard the above 7″ it is in more of the punk vein where “Mr. Gazime” and their later stuff sounds more rock/metal.

  • mr. gazime was the 2nd 7″. it was released on their own love records in 1985. and it was the first record they released on that lable (code: sex69-1). maybe thats where the confusion started.
    the above pictured 7″ is the true first 7″ on dogma records, from 1985 as well.
    Gastunk was not formed by Baki, he was actually still in the Execute at the time they were formed, in 1983.
    in 1984 Gastunk was featured on a 8″ V/A comp “Holdup Omnibus” with original vocalist Yutaka and original drummer KILL. that was their vinal debut. Baby (from Execute) and Tatsu (coming from Nurse and Deadcops) formed the band. as you know, Baby left Execute before Baki.

    to the dude with the big collection. for someone who owns all the records, seemed you’d get your facts straight! haha. I own em all too. maybe i just studied them more.
    the 3rd 7″ Geronimo was my first punk record i got YEARS ago. ive loved them ever since.
    and the first 7″ was not reissued in the fishnet sleeve with multi colored vinyl. that “is To Fans” EP (also released on purple vinyl as a 86 TOUR giveaway). it featured 2 of the 3 songs from the 1st 7″ as well as Fastest Dream. all new recordings.

  • Gastunk really kicked ass .BTW there was one even older heavy metal band from england that sounded somewhat similar to early Gastunk .they were called Atomkraft.

  • it should be noted that the original guitarist of Gastunk was NAOKI; who started LIP CREAM right afterwards. even though he isnt credited as the composer, he DID write the song “Geronimo”, which eventually became the 3rd Gastunk 45(and their last independent record release ever). i have VHS video proof of a live gig from 1983(with GAUZE[!!!]) of all of this to back it up.

    also, inbetween leaving EXECUTE & joining GASTUNK, Baki did the Vocals on LIP CREAM’s tracks on the HARDCORE UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY Omnibus LP Tracks. hes uncredited, but it IS him on those 2 songs.

    Gastunk did some REAL bad G’N’R / AEROSMITH records after signing to a Japanese major, and officially changing their name to GASTANK in 1987 (“Mother” LP & “Midnight Rain” MLP & the HORRENDOUS “Sunshine Of Your Love” 45 come to mind…).

    this 1st EP is astounding HC Punk & was so far ahead of its time. same can be said for the mind-blowing “Dead Song” LP from just a few months later in the same year.

    also, i feel that the “Mr Gazime” ep(1985) & “The Vanishing Signs” 12″ep(1986) are just as good as these. even though thers a Flamenco guitar break(!!!) on one of the tracks on “Vanishing Signs”, every song on this ep is still on par with ANY of the tracks on side 2 of “Dead Song”.

    also, theirs a new (as in 2-3 years ago) CD out that is from a live reunion show they did as a “christmas present” for their still-strong fan club. i dont have it, but ive seen the track listing & its mostly old/indies stuff & it occasionally pops up on eeBay as a budget/cut out type priced item. ive learned my lesson on their past myriad of “live” releases, so i gotta hear it,first, before ill shell out even $5~6 bucks for it…

  • what? damn dude i thought mother was a masterpeice. the song ‘genisis ~ revelation’ has some amazing composition. and the solos did nothing but get better. maybe they wernt as punk anymore. but their composition was through the roof. i wouldnt compare them to GNR or areosmith. i dont think they were ever that style of RNR. they were much more metallic. (like the songs necrophobia, blue peter, leathership etc)

    didnt know that about Naoki. i do have some really EARLY gastunk gigs from when they first started. possibly i have a recording of him. he must have only been in the band for like a few months then, because their first release (hold up omnibus 8″) has Tatsu on it.

  • so. Gastunk is reuniting for 2 gigs in November. who is going????

    i already bought my tickets. if you didnt get them yet, you maybe out of luck.

  • That is the first ep
    of Gastunk w/ baki it is very rare hold on to it because it is the most rarest of them all. I have possesed two copies of that 7 inch and regret selling them. Dogma was a short lived 80’s label and any thing on that label is worth its weight in gold!!!!!!!!

  • P.S. Gastunk is a gem from the past and will never happen again. So don’t worry about the money. Music sucks now days and lacks any creativity. Bands like that are crust (the foundation of everything) If you say you really like them than money should not be even the slightest option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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