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The many flavors of: Alleycats – Dangerhouse 7″

Ah Dangerhouse Records, a finer punk rock label may not exists. The complete Dangerhouse collection is a must-own for all collectors of punk rock (and fans too in my opinion), yes even the Black Randy records and the Howard Werth single are mandatory owning (for they each are charming in their own special way)! Well, even in its all too brief existence, the label did enough to make a collectors (and completists) head spin and keep them on the hunt for quite some time. Lets start with a pretty simple one.

The Alleycats 7″ had two known variations (not including test pressings) and those are:

There was the color band sleeve, which seems to be the less common of the two. This sleeve was simply a 7″x 7″ square that was printed on both sides.
Alleycats band photo sleeve

And then there is the “live shot” sleeve in black and white. This seems to be the far more common among the two variations, at least in my experiences. This sleeve was a full folded sleeve like you’d see on most 7″ records.

Alleycats live sleeve

So there you have it, the many flavors of the Alleycats 7″, one of the many fine Dangerhouse releases (and don’t worry, I’ll be covering more of them in the future).



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