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What a F’n waste

I’d like to be writing right now about how I saw These Arms Are Snakes tonight at the Bottom Lounge and sharing some pictures except it didn’t really work out that way. After unsuccessfully finding anyone to go with me, I made the trip alone to the city after stopping for some very overpriced gas, and hitting the McDonald’s drive through so I’d have some food in my stomach for the evening.

After driving through shitty traffic, having to bypass the Belmont exit because it was backed up for half a mile on Lake Shore Drive and having to go down to Irving Park instead and make my way back, I got to Belmont Ave and actually found a really good parking spot. I couldn’t believe it. As I passed the club in the car I noted a huge line and was in shock because I never saw so many people waiting to get in that place before. Since the doors were not yet open, i chalked it up to them opening a little late and didn’t think much of it. After having to find a bathroom thanks to McDonald’s having its way with me, I got in the big line and waited. I was hoping that most of these people would be drinking in the bar side of the club for the opening bands so I could get up close to take pictures. I’ll never know if that was the case because not 5 minutes after I get in line, they announce the damn show sold out! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a show there that has sold out, and I’ve been to a ton of them! I don’t know why Minus the Bear, who was headlining, is suddenly so fucking popular but I just got cock-blocked out of seeing These Arms Are Snakes, a band I vowed never to miss. Now my vow has been broken for me! Dammit! So it was a total waste of time (and gas money that I didn’t really have in the first place) and I had to just turn around and drive back home. I guess I could have bought a ticket in advance, but like I said, I’ve never had a show sell out on me there before.

So now I’m back home where I’m still having to put up with my ex for two more weeks and the stress of dealing with her bullshit is really getting to me. I get home after huge disappointment and she just starts a fight with me. Christ, like I need any more stress in my life.

Well, at least on Sunday is the Vibrators show which I’m on the guest list for (not that it would sell out anyway) so I have something to look forward to I guess, but I was really looking forward to seeing These Arms Are Snakes again because they are one of my most favorite new bands. Fuck!!!!


  • You should have come round the corner to B&V – I could have hooked you up with a movie and some popcorn – could have taken the edge off the evening.

  • Oh man, I was so pissed off I didn’t stop to even think for a minute as that would have been nice and given me something to do as well.

  • cruise up to milwaukee next month and see them in addition to the chicago show. it would make up for the miss and you can continue your vow.


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