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I know that free Ipod gimmick is all over the internet…

But when one of my best friends has proven to me that it not only works, but it worked for him on multiple occasions, I finally caved in and figured I’d give it a go. Since some of the offers were free and as simple as filling out a credit card application (and using the card one time once you get it), I figured the price was right. So now I’m trying to get the referrals so I can earn my free Ipod Photo. I am hoping some of the regulars here on my site will take some pity and sign up. This year I lost my job, my lady, am broke and all I have left is a dream – the dream of a free Ipod photo. I will be happy to send a gmail invite to anyone who wants to use one for the email in case of fear of spam.

So if anyone wants to get in on the action, please click here. This concludes my advertising/begging and I hope some people here will take the time to help out (and also get in on the action to get their own).

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