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I just realized…

… that my birthday is in 11 days. Anyone want to take me out? Also, in these lean times, I am not above accepting presents. Oh wait, I bet in Dirty G’s eyes that just made me more of a “whore” and added to this becoming a spam-blog. Well, whatever, as of now I don’t have any real plans for said day and I’m sure the ex-Lady C won’t be bringing the dog over or anything to surprise me so I am looking to see if there is any fun things to do with my friends. Sadly there is no shows that weekend that I want to attend. I guess I should consult the klowns to see if we can throw a big birthday bash as Cheddar Nines’ birthday is two days after mine.


  • Take you out ? Sorry I’m not gay. I might consider if you posted a rip of the b-side of your cough cool Misfits original single, thought… have nice b-day !

  • What about my birthday? Maybe you should head north to help me drink the 10 cases of beer I have in the garage right now.

  • I’m not gay either, I’m just looking for something fun to do on my birthday.

    Lewdd, I need to converse with the clowns, maybe we can have some sort of party to celebrate all our birthdays that weekend. I think we are going to do the radio show this saturday, are you free?


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