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Rare Cheifs and GI records for sale

In an effort to raise some much needed money to keep the lights on around the Manor, I have put two rare items on ebay that some people who frequent this site might want to know about.

The first is a copy of the Government Issue – GI’s first demo 7″ with a handmade sleeve. This is on green vinyl and there were 20 numbered copies of this variation made. Half of them went to the band so this is pretty damn rare to say the least. You can check it out here.

The second is a test pressing for The Cheifs – Blues 7″. This comes with one of the rejected sleeves. I rejected them for being way too dark, and the blue was too dark on the back and made the info hard to read. I gave away exactly one of these rejected sleeves so they are pretty rare. Yeah, they were rejected for a reason, but still, some people might care. Not to mention it is the test pressing. It also comes with a 1″ Cheifs pin. You can see that here.

Ah yes, the whoring never stops. Seriously though, with the ex-Lady C gone, the expenses around here have doubled since she’s not paying half the bills anymore and so far I still haven’t found a new job (and yes, I am looking!). So I need to make ends meet somehow.


  • I dug the Chiefs. I saw them a few times. One time, they didn’t get to play, only Fear played. That was the very last night of the Starwood, as a bouncer got stabbed. No Chiefs that night and no more Starwood. I loved that place.

    I remember the very last time I saw the Chiefs, they had a different singer! That was at the Whiskey. Folks didn’t like him as much, they broke up for good, shortly after.

    I remember the Chiefs’ connections with the Simpletones, but I could never figure out what the Vectors-Simpletones connection is. Anyone know?

  • It’s about freakin time. I bet when the word gets out it will be the most popular punk podcast around. BTW: that was a subtle hint to please make it a podcast not just a stream from the servers.


  • I dont do E-Bay,but I will buy Super 7 #2 from you,my friends the wallflowers from san diego are on it.E-mail me,I’ll send you a money order.


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