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Live from Combustion Manor returning soon!

As I’m sitting here nursing a hangover from two evenings of boozing, I figure it is as good of a time as any to give you all a little update on what’s going on.

Friday night I went over to the Clown Ranch to pick up the button press as I’m making some new buttons and Senor Citizen and The Duke were heading out to Hooters to go drinking and meet some of our other friends. They asked me to go with, and offered to treat for my beer! How could I turn that down?! It was a fun evening out and I’m glad I went. I came home and passed out, only to have to wake up a few hours later, far earlier than I have all year, to meet my Dad and Uncle for breakfast. After that I went back home and went back to sleep to rest up for what was to come that evening.

Last night, we (the Klowns and myself) finally got our act together and recorded a new radio show of “Live From Combustion Manor”. It has been a year since we last recorded one, and that last one never even aired! After this unplanned hiatus, we are finally back in action. Senor Citizen and I hit the road yesterday afternoon to pick up some much needed gear to make our little operation run much more smoothly and more professional. Nano loaned us a second turntable and Senor purchased a sweet mixer so we finally don’t have to fumble to swap records as fast as possible on a single turntable.

Present for the show was Senor Citizen, Cheddar Nines, Stiff Mittens, Hanover Fist, Nano, and myself (MXV). Cocoa Hole was MIA and missed out this time. We ended up recording a marathon show, which was like 5 hours long. The plan is to break it up into segments of 1 hour each so it is really almost like we recorded 5 shows. Stiff Mittens in in charge of editing/post production so hopefully shortly the first segment will be ready and when it is, all the details will be here. Doing the show was a total blast, it was the most fun I’ve had in quite some time and I can’t wait until it airs, and we do it again next month.

I had my camera set up so we could all take pictures of the action. Hanover Fist took a ton of them and I took a few as well. Here’s a couple of them.

Radio show in action
L-R: Stiff Mittens, Cheddar Nines’ head, MXV, Senor Citizen

Radio show in action
L-R: Nano, Stiff Mittens, Hanover Fist

Radio show in action
L-R: Hanover Fist, Cheddar Nines

Radio show in action
MXV holding one of key ingredients for entertaining radioism – Serums!

Radio show in action
L-R: MXV, Senor Citizen, Stiff Mittens and some of the sweet gear


  • It’s about freakin time. I bet when the word gets out it will be the most popular punk podcast around. BTW: that was a subtle hint to please make it a podcast not just a stream from the servers.



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